Prominent Charismatic Explains how to be Delivered from the “Wild Ass Spirit’

Jennifer Leclaire, the former Senior Editor of the flagship Charisma Magazine as well as the current Senior Leader of Jennifer LeClaire Ministries and Awakening House of Prayer, seems to be battling a whole zoo of demons on a daily basis. Previously this mainstream charismatic leaders explained that Christians ought to be wary and on guard for the ‘merman spirit’, an ‘octopus spirit’, and our personal favorite, the ‘sneaky squid spirit‘ that Dr. Michael Brown so vociferously defends.

Now there is a new contender for the most outlandish and unbiblical demon yet, the ‘Wild Ass Spirit’,

Speaking during her School of Deliverance on February 9, 2021, Leclaire explains this demonic creature doesn’t want to let the leadership put a bit in its proverbial mouth, but rather just bucks and fights against their will.

Leclaire hopes by renouncing and denouncing it, they’ll do whatever the spiritual equivalent of breaking their congregants will, putting a saddle on their backs, and giving them a few swift kicks with the spurs.

‘Father in Jesus’ name, I renounce the Wild Ass Spirit. I renounce and repent for operating in a Wild-Ass Spirit in my church. I renounce anti-submissiveness, rejection of authority, untamed spirits, spirits of restraint, and other spirits that influence me to buck and fight against leadership.

Forgive me Lord for wanting my own way, refusing to yield to the leaders that you put in my life, and causing confusion, In Jesus name.

I speak to the Wild Ass Spirit, spirit of chaos, foolhardy spirits, impetuous spirits, reckless spirits, self-willed spirits, unbridled spirits and wayward spirits, and I command you to loose me, in the name of Jesus. I cast you out in the name of the Lord.

Teach me Lord how to submit to your spirit and to the leaders you put in my life to oversee my soul.

That is whole lot of spirits to be bound to. Tragically, there are people who take her insights very seriously, and find her brainfizz burbling to be enlightening.

Salt&Light points out that “LeClaire leads by example and teaches her students/followers how to overcome this “spirit” with a prayer of repentance that ultimately leads to total submission to leadership. Seeing as she is the Senior Leader of her “church”, this actually means total submission to HER leadership.

This Wild Ass Spirit is actually a little similar to the so-called “Religious Spirit”, with which LeClaire labels anyone who dares to point out Biblically the errors of her teaching. The Wild Ass Spirit is more of an internal tactic to control anyone who dares to question the “Leader”.

H/t to Salt and Light for the video and commentary


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3 thoughts on “Prominent Charismatic Explains how to be Delivered from the “Wild Ass Spirit’

  1. Having been repeatedly labeled as a ‘wild-ass’ whatever by many – including my own wife – throughout my lifetime, I feel that Le Claire is personally attacking me, inflicting severe emotional distress that is affecting my marriage and compromising my ability to earn a living. I have no choice but to seek legal remedy.

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