Charismatic Exorcist Says Johnny Depp Being Afflicted by ‘Pirate Demons’

Sneaky Squid Spirit step aside! We have a new demonic king of the nautical seas, and they are perhaps the nastiest bunch of all!

This new entry into charismatic mythos and lore involves radio and TV evangelist Bob Larson, pastor of Spiritual Freedom Church in Phoenix, Arizona. He has been “casting out demons” for decades now, and the videos never get any less bizarre or fantastical. If you have a demon inside of you, he’s been offering virtual exorcisms through Skype for only $295 a pop. We spoke about him last year after he and ‘Apostle’ Kathryn Krick and ‘ used the same crisis actor to act ‘demon-possessed.’

Now, during a May 3, 2022 video, he explains that the reason why Johhny Depp has acted the way he has towards former wife Amber Heard over the last few years is that he’s afflicted by Pirate Demons.

“This is really important. Don’t miss this. There are such things as real pirate demons. I don’t see them much in the mainland US, but when I’m in a coastal city, or when I’m ministering in the Caribbean, I see a lot of Pirate Demons and I’ve encountered them and cast them out. So this whole ‘Jack Sparrow role’, there’s a bit of truth to that. I want to tell you that pirate demons are nasty. They are bloodthirsty. They are lawless. They are murderous. And I wonder, did Depp get actual pirate demons from playing this Jack Sparrow role?”

He would later say:

“Personally, I think Depp was extremely evil before Jack Sparrow, but I also think that playing the role through five films opened doors for pirate demons to enter him and that’s a lot of what Amber Heard saw. “

1 thought on “Charismatic Exorcist Says Johnny Depp Being Afflicted by ‘Pirate Demons’

  1. Pirate Demon? Why not, there is no boundaries to the foolishness some people will believe. And let’s face it, if people weren’t sending these fools money they wouldn’t be around.

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