Charismatic Seer Jennifer Leclaire, Inventor of the ‘Sneaky Squid Spirit’ Gets Destroyed by Discernment Minister

Jennifer Leclaire, the former Senior Editor of the flagship Charisma Magazine as well as the current Senior Leader of Jennifer LeClaire Ministries and Awakening House of Prayer, frequently battles whole zoos of demons on a daily basis. Previously this mainstream charismatic leader explained that Christians ought to be wary and on guard for the ‘merman spirit’, an ‘octopus spirit’, the ‘wild-ass spirit’ and our personal favorite, the ‘sneaky squid spirit‘ that Dr. Michael Brown so vociferously defends.

To our great delight and glee, Sean from Revealing Truth created a mashup of a recent message she gave on August 30 where she contends:

…Jesus will choose at times to allow us to see the angels, but if he’s not allowing them to be seen, then I don’t want to see them, right?

There’s all these counterfeit operations and there’s a lot of falsities among seers and seeing people. They want to pretend they had this encounter or that encounter or this encounter because it makes them sound more spiritual, it gets them more status on social media.

But at the end of the day, I would hate to stand before Jesus and hear him tell me “what you fill those people’s heads with all that bull for? Pretending you saw these things you didn’t see, leading them astray and charging them money…”

Given that we weren’t born yesterday and haven’t forgotten all the nonsense she’s pulled over the years, a video was created inserting all her moments of villainous charismatic lunacy to contrast just how theologically bankrupt she really is while being wholly absent of self-reflection.


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1 thought on “Charismatic Seer Jennifer Leclaire, Inventor of the ‘Sneaky Squid Spirit’ Gets Destroyed by Discernment Minister

  1. LeClaire has long been the worst of the worst.
    As an inmate in prison, she figured out the way to quick riches was through religion, turning that epiphany into worldwide fame and fortune -shamelessly taking the Lord’s Name in vain to dupe the spiritually naïve and undiscerning. She is beneath contempt.

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