Prominent Charismatic Warns of Demon Hair Spirits

A prominent charismatic leader reached into the library of hell and brought back the secrets of satan, giving us a lesson in Christian demonology by explaining that sometimes a bad haircut isn’t just a bad haircut, but spiritual warfare being fought by harrasing hair demons.

Jennifer Leclaire, the former Senior Editor of the flagship Charisma Magazine as well as the current Senior Leader of Jennifer LeClaire Ministries and Awakening House of Prayer was last seen pontificating on the “Wild Ass Spirit” and before that the “Sneaky Squid Spirit.” She now explains:

You know you’re in spiritual warfare when the devil messes up your hair. Go ahead and give a good belly laugh but there’s a principle I want to share with you- this is a spiritual warfare moment.”

Leclaire recounts how she’s had the same hairdresser for over 15 years and never had a bad cut- when out of the blue, her stylist thinned it out a bit too much. “I looked like a wet rat. You know how sensitive I am about my hair.”

“The enemy knows, here’s what I want to get at, laugh if you want to…the enemy knows what you’re sensitive about, and he will target those areas to harass you. To hinder you. To cause you to feel uncomfortable or overwhelmed. So I bind every demon power right now that’s causing you uproar in your soul, in the name of Jesus. I break the power of hindering, harassings spirits over your life in Jesus’ name.

Despite what may sound to be odd revelations by some, she is utterly and completely mainstream. She is not some kook relegated to the outer circles of the greater church body, but rather is a run-of-the-mill charismatic who would be welcome to speak at any continuationist women’s conference or revival.

h/t to Brother John Elving for the link

3 thoughts on “Prominent Charismatic Warns of Demon Hair Spirits

  1. Demon hair spirits? I thought it was just the weather, but that explains everything.

  2. I wonder what demon LeClaire attributes to her neverending slew of idiotic, non-biblical fantasies?

  3. Now demonic hair follicles, man alive, how do they keep coming up with this nonsense. But i guess all is relevant in modern day clown world…………………………

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