Bye Bye Demons? Charismatic Revivalist Casts out ‘Mermaid Spirit’ From Small Child

Daniel Adams is the founder of The Supernatural Life which bills itself as “a national and international movement that birthed through Daniel Adams on YouTube” that believes in “showing people how to do the same supernatural works Jesus did while here on earth and pushing them into their God-given destinies!”

At a recent revivalist event, he encountered a young girl who allegedly had a demon inside her needing to be exorcised. After talking to her, Adams ‘discovers’ she has a ‘Mermaid Spirit’ that she got from watching ‘scary mermaid videos on YouTube and as a result, could not speak.

It’s unsurprising that he’d label it that, as nothing makes a charismatic happier than being able to name a newly-discovered demon after some zoon animal. We’ll add this one to the long list of ones we’ve been told that Christians ought to be wary and on guard for, including the ‘merman spirit’, an ‘octopus spirit’, the ‘wild-ass spirit’ and our personal favorite, the ‘sneaky squid spirit‘ that Dr. Michael Brown so vociferously defends.

Adams then gives the verbal cue so the girl pretending to be demon-possessed at the instruction of her spiritually abusive parents know when to act as if the spirit has come and gone casts out the demon, causing it to flee, to the cheers of all involved.

h/t to Shawn of Revealing Truth

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