Awkward! Church Hosts ‘Drag Queen Story Time’- But the Kids Don’t Want to Come Forward

Silver Spire United Church in Canada is quite possibly the most LGBTQIAWOMXZGFDUR&$^@ church on earth. Meticulously assembled by Lucifer himself and seemingly populated exclusively by lesbians and effeminate men, it’s entirely possible that anyone not ready to proudly shout their pronouns would burn up instantly upon entry into the sanctuary. The church is not only affirming of every sexual perversion invented by man and devil alike, but every indication is that its constant pervasiveness and promotion of it would exhaust all but the most strident of believers.

It’s under these auspicious settings that the church hosted a Drag Queen Story Time during their June 5, 2022 service, which is their third story hour in the last 12 months. During the service, the drag queens ask any children to come forwards….but none of them do. They and the pastrix spend a few minutes awkwardly trying to cajole a couple of kids into joining them at the front, but it’s not happening. Eventually, a manchild and a few other adults come to the front and the queens seem to resign themselves to reading gay story books to adults until a lone mother brings her small child to the front, granting them a meager audience.

Bonus. Enjoy their rendition of this queer hymn by Unitarian Universalist Adam Tice, which is sure to be the next ‘Amazing Grace’ or A Mighty Fortress”

Quirky, queer, and wonderful

Quirky, queer, and wonderful, distinct, unique, and odd… all of our humanity reveals the face of God.

No “normal” can encompass or comprehend the range of all the kinds of people that God created strange!

From Jesus we learn riddles; he said the last are first. He tweaked received religion with role that he reversed.

To Peter, God presented untouchable cuisine and said “Do not call dirty what I declare is clean.”

In Christ the false divisions of gender, class, and race, can never separate us from God’s abundant grace.

The many parts that form us each serve a different role. In Christ, we are one body, made holy, good, and whole. —Adam M. L. Tice, 2015

4 thoughts on “Awkward! Church Hosts ‘Drag Queen Story Time’- But the Kids Don’t Want to Come Forward

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