TGC’s Tim Keller Traumatizes Kyle J. Howard with Slavery Tweet

Kyle J Howard exemplifies the all-consuming victim mentality that absorbs leftists when they begin to believe that every facet of life is affected by the imaginary narrative inside their head. When Christians examine the scriptures, there is a recognition that all things fallen and corrupted in the world can be traced back to the fall in Genesis 3.

For Kyle, everything bad that happens in the world can be traced back to white supremacy. Consequently, Howard is the bubble boy of race-baiting liberation theologians. In order to avoid being triggered, Kyle would have to remove himself entirely from society, social media, and the church; but even that could not guarantee Kyle’s protection. In Kyle’s world, racist triggers include worship music, his own college graduation, marrying white women, and white evangelicals in general. Every newsworthy tragedy finds its roots in white supremacy.

Following a week in which Howard was traumatized by the Buffalo supermarket shooting and Grove City College’s repudiation of critical race theory, Tim Keller made a series of triggering tweets that Howard claimed were an “erasure” of people similar to the “erasure” of those who were killed in the supermarket shooting.

Keller’s tweet is ignorant in its own right, as it fails to differentiate between man-stealing, which was clearly prohibited by God’s law in Exodus 21:16, and the type of slavery that was common to the Roman empire and New Testament Church. When the Apostle Paul tells slaves to obey their masters in Colossians 3:22, he is not subject to a blind spot. Rather, Paul understands that slaves are called by God to obey their masters, just as wives are to submit to husbands, and children are to obey their parents.

Keller’s tweet presupposes that morality should change over time from culture to culture. In reality, the culture’s standards and blind spots are really irrelevant. The only relevant question is what the unchanging standard of God’s eternal moral law has to say about the issue.

Kyle’s response confirms what we have known about Kyle for many years. He lives in his own world, and every action or word, no matter how benign, represents a potential microaggression against his very existence.

Bonus tweet:

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3 thoughts on “TGC’s Tim Keller Traumatizes Kyle J. Howard with Slavery Tweet

  1. His real name is Kyle J. Coward. His middle name is another word for donkey.

    He’s an agent of the devil, as is Tim Keller.

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  2. He’s lying like they all do. Guarantee nothing happened at his local grocery store. Have to keep shilling to go viral with his lies.

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