Lecrae and Kyle J. Howard Collaborate to Torch SBC Seminary

In one of the worst collaborations ever seen, “Christian” Rapper Lecrae has come to the defense of self-bruising reed Kyle J. Howard, the race-baiter who gets triggered more times than a Smith & Wesson factory, after he declared that though he was graduating from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (SBTS), he won’t be there to walk down the aisles and get a diploma, on account of how trauma-triggering it is for him.

Backing him up, Lecrae compared SBTS to Egyptians enslaving the Children of Israel and cast Howard as a Moses figure, writing “Congrats and consider yourself Moses being schooled by the Egyptians so you can help with the Exodus.”

If SBTS thought that they could buy off the wokescold with their $5 million scholarship for African American students and accumulate a bit of goodwill, they had another thing coming.

This is not unusual behavior or Lecrae, or Howard for that matter, which is right on brand. It was mere months ago that Howard recounted how fearful he was going to an SBC conference, on account of receiving alleged death threats sent his way if he dared attend. That was 3 years ago, and he did ultimately attend, but says he purposefully sat in the front row the whole time, lest some assassin off him. Now, he can’t even step foot on campus.

For Fallin’-Away Lecrae, he has been on a decades-long spiral into becoming a biblically unsound promoter of progressivism. He says he “doesn’t endorse” abortion but HATES classism. A few months ago he put on a concert in order to Get Out The Early Vote on behalf of pro-choice Democratic Senate candidates Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff. He sputtered, “You know…well…um…er….ah….I don’t know,” when asked about the sin of homosexuality in an interview, and after Joe Biden won the election and was inaugurated that he said it “feels good to be on the right side of history” with the party that is “pro-life from womb to tomb.”

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