Has ‘Relient K’ Become ‘Relient Gay?’

A few months ago, we broke the story that the ‘Christian‘ band Relient K came out as pro-LGBTQ, after inviting open and unrepentantly gay musician Semler to join them on their upcoming tour. Semler is a queer artist and is a newcomer to the Christian music scene, gaining some publicity after her profanity-laced album briefly the top spot on iTunes Christian and Gospel charts.

Her real name is Grace Semler Baldridge, she’s a butch lesbian who’s married (now divorced?) to a woman while purposefully altering her appearance to look like a man—giving the impression she’s about one upper chest surgery from becoming transgendered.

Semler has openly advocated for LGBTQ allies to shout out “gay rights” during Christian concerts in order to force the bands to publicly comment and confront their views on the issue. She recently made news after doing this same thing at a Switchfoot concert, resulting in lead singer Jon Foreman Releasing a pro-LGBTQ TikTok video.

If that weren’t bad enough, she’s also openly pro-choice.

Now, Ethan Luck, the bass player for Relient K, released a picture of him kissing her on the cheek after a show, writing:

For those that came to the @relientk tour, you got to see the wonderful @gracebaldridge open for us with a mix of great songs, storytelling and humor. I’m gonna miss seeing her everyday, walking us to stage, hi fives when we walk off and making her get out of her bunk to listen to jams on the bus after shows.

For those that chose not to come because she was our opener (yes, that happened), it’s your loss. You missed out on some of the most honest music I’ve heard. An honesty that is rare in “christian” music.

I’m so happy we have a new friend in music and in life. I can’t wait to see what she does next. Thank you, Grace!

PS. I think @kalleluck loves you more than me.


Note the little gay hearts.

Relient K has also released some new merch to coincide with the tour, with a PRIDE version of Relient K’s band name up for sale. In this case, we see it modeled by Jonathan Schneck, Relient K’s guitarist and vocalist.

Relient K tours with an openly queer lesbian who proselytizes her unapologetic queerness in public and at the shows, they use LGBTQ imagery in posts, they support her on tour, they chastise those who don’t see their show on account of her presence, and they model the rainbow merch.

Relient Gay it is.

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