Christian Band Relient K Comes out As LGBTQ-Affirming

The Christian Band Relient K has functionally come out as pro-LGBTQ, inviting open and unrepentantly gay musician Semler to join them on their upcoming tour.

Semler is a queer artist and is a newcomer to the Christian music scene, gaining some publicity after her profanity-laced album briefly the top spot on iTunes Christian and Gospel charts.

Her real name is Grace Semler Baldridge, she’s a butch lesbian who’s married to a woman while purposefully altering her appearance to look like a man—giving the impression she’s about one upper chest surgery from becoming transgendered.

Semler has openly advocated for LGBTQ allies to shout out “Gay rights” during Christian concerts in order to force the bands to publicly comment and confront their views on the issue. She recently made news after doing this same thing at a Switchfoot concert, resulting in lead singer Jon Foreman Releasing a pro-LGBTQ TikTok video.

She says she plans to have a Pride flag playing behind her on her set.

One of her songs, ‘Toby Mac’ released last year includes these lyrics, showing her affinity for the band that she is now touring with as well as more sexual perversion.

I wanna make my girl a mixtape
Of love songs she’d know were just from me
But the only songs I know are Christian
So I have to think strategically

..Well there’s a drag queen out in Tennessee
She dedicates her act to Amy
Well “Baby, baby” I hope one day she’ll be acknowledged
Like Relient K fucking got my ass through college

Here’s the deal: it’s not like she is a “side B’ Christian- someone who says that they are Christian who is gay but believes it to be sin and so is celibate- that’s its own thing, but at least is more understandable.

When you go on tour with a band that that is openly and unrepentantly engaging in something so vile as sodomy- who has made it her mission to propagate the normalization and acceptance of it, both in her public statements as well as in the music itself, you are wholly complicit in it.

If Relient K thought it was wrong, she wouldn’t be there. If they thought it was right, she’d be right there at their side.

Nice to know where they stand.


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9 thoughts on “Christian Band Relient K Comes out As LGBTQ-Affirming

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  2. Fakes, frauds, impostors, and infiltrators leading the young to eternal damnation. These are not Christians. They have never truly repented, and have never truly submitted.

  3. You religious pretenders make me puke. What happened to “all created in (your imaginary) God’s own image”. You are all full of shit and just take money from saps who believe in your nonsense and fairy tales. Your dead ‘savior’ would have been more accepting, but of course, you can create and alter the narrative – you’ve created – to suit your needs.

    So continue your web of lies and hate. It’s all for naught as there is no heaven and there is no hell just like there is no Oz and there is no Wonderland and there is no Middle Earth… it’s all just stories, yet you spend your lives ‘disliking’ those who don’t follow your fairytale as THE fairytale.

    Such a waste of time and energy.

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