DC Talk’s Kevin Max Goes ALL-IN For Abortion Rights

Last year, Ex-‘Jesus Freak’ Kevin Max announced on social media that he considers himself to be an “exvangelical” and that he has been “deconstructing” his faith for years, for all intents and purposes revealing himself to have become a progressive pagan who has renounced orthodox Christianity and now holds to some weird form of belief in the “Universal Christ”.

Max, 53, who is best known as one-third of the trio DC Talk, has spent the last year taking potshots at “narrow-minded-judgmental evangelicals” while lauding his leftist views.

Despite being completely apostate, Max sorta/ kinda insisted that he was “pro-life with exceptions” – which was basically the last remaining shred of morality left in him.

He’s not torn anymore. That too seems to have to been gone by the wayside, after writing out on Instagram:

These Tweets were liked by a few people that we know, such as the apostate Derek Webb, formerly of Caedmon’s Call, and Laura Hoopes, the (she/her) wife of Matt Hoopes, the founder of Relient K who has recently come out as full LGBTQ and in which the band itself has come out as super-gay.

Of course, the whole point is that the body inside the woman’s body is not her body. Given how much he has deconstructed over the years, in the process of turning his mind over to Satan, it’s clear his mind is darkened and he hates the image of God- making the unborn a natural casualty of his cruelty.

8 thoughts on “DC Talk’s Kevin Max Goes ALL-IN For Abortion Rights

  1. This is the guy who’s been telling Christians how to live for decades. He can’t run his own life, yet he presumes to tell us how to run our lives.

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  3. “Jesus was a long haired brown skinned Jew” … actually devastating to today’s evangelical who truly worships Jews, brown-skin and trannies

  4. Fundamentalists have been pointing out the bad fruit from the contemporary music crowd for decades. And with those that listen to this worldly music protesting all the way.
    Is it any surprise these men and women are showing their true apostate colors.

    Not to any Bible believer.

    1. Amen! The Holy Spirit has been opening my eyes more and more, and I find it hard to listen to not only the music, but also the preaching that is coming from the pulpit of these seeker friendly churches! I had to leave my church in 2020, because The Holy Spirit revealed that they were preaching a different Gospel, and a different Jesus.
      I still cannot find a local church that has not compromised The Gospel to the culture. I live in Pennsylvania, so I watch Jesus Image online.

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