‘Christian’ Artist Rages Against Roe v Wade Ruling, Promotes Pro-Choice Donations

Semler is a queer artist and is a newcomer to the Christian music scene, gaining some publicity after her profanity-laced album briefly the top spot on iTunes Christian and Gospel charts. In the last few months, she’s been touring with Relient K, the queer affirming former Christian band, and has been endorsed by Switcfoot, gaining prominence and visibility on account of it.

Her real name is Grace Semler Baldridge, she’s a butch lesbian who’s married (now divorced?) to a woman while purposefully altering her appearance to look like a man—giving the impression she’s about one upper chest surgery from becoming transgendered. She’s not a Christian even a little bit, despite seeking to be seen as such. She also recently released the ‘World’s Gayest Worship Song’

In a recent post on Twitter, she rages against the recent ruling to overrule Roe v Wade, tweeting out a link where people can give to nearly 90 pro-choice abortion funds.

Why would anyone expect any different?

4 thoughts on “‘Christian’ Artist Rages Against Roe v Wade Ruling, Promotes Pro-Choice Donations

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  2. I love the smell of SCOTUS induced Liberal panic attacks in the morning. It smells like VICTORY! Thank you President Trump!

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