Prominent SBC Abuse Victim and Critic Offers To Help Abuse and Kill Babies

With the news that Roe v. Wade has been overturned, clarity is being brought to bear on the faith of professing Christians who are showing themselves to be hirelings and heretics, and here is a sad example.

Jules Woodson is a professing Christian and a major critic of the way the Southern Baptist Convention has been handling sexual abuse. While no longer part of the convention, she has reason to be invested, having been abused by an SBC pastor two decades ago and then seeing her case botched by the Credential Committee, which we documented here last year.

She was also mentioned in the Guidepost report about a case that was mishandled, and so spends her day retweeting #ChurchToo and #SBCtoo hashtags ragging on the various denominational personalities for acting unchristlike and unchristian for the way they have and are currently dealing with the various scandals within the denomination, particularly with the way they are failing abusive victims.

But now she’s perpetuating the cycle of abuse, yet in a far worse way.

Woodson has gone from the abused to the abusive, from the victim to the victimizer, by offering to help women kill their babies in the womb, which is a monstrous, mephistophelean act of evil and the ultimate end of abuse.

and later:

Sadly, she’s likely not to be the only one.

3 thoughts on “Prominent SBC Abuse Victim and Critic Offers To Help Abuse and Kill Babies

  1. This is absolutely sickening…and, sadly, not surprising.
    Come quickly, Lord Jesus…….

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  2. What a sick, demented liar she is. She pretends that 100% of abortions are needed to save the life of the mother. She knows that’s a lie, but is so eager to “heroically” help slaughter children that she pretends otherwise.

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