So who are all the She/Her, They/Them, and He/Hims Speaking at Revoice?

After learning that Revoice was going to feature a practicing lesbian Roman Catholic as a speaker, we decided to see who else they would be including as part of their speaker list, wondering whether or not the fact that they got curb stomped into a slurry of blood and broken teeth by the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) 2021 General Assembly (GA) just a few months ago would have any impact on who they brought on.

During the GA, the PCA voted to adopt Overture 23, which basically said that same-sex attractions in and of themselves are sinful, not just same-sex acts. Furthermore, any man who makes his sexuality part of his identity and affirms he’ll always struggle with same-sex attraction, denying the efficacy of a new heart upon one’s sexuality and denying that “such were some of you” is the normative expectation for Christians who are being sanctified by Christ, is not qualified to be Pastor. Naturally, this caused much “REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE”-ing from proponents of Revoice, who take a diametrically opposing position.

One thing that stood out to us was the number of people who have their personal pronouns as part of their mini biography pages. And not just for those who identify as transgendered, but rather the sodomites got in on the action too, ensuring that the biological woman, who identifies as a woman, and looks like a woman, wants to be called “she/her” lest they awkwardly get referred to in masculine terminology for no reason whatsoever.

We also listed a few people who count themselves as part of non-Christian sects, for posterity, and also truth be told, just skimmed half the profiles when we compiled this list. They may have given/listed their personal pronouns elsewhere, but truth be told we didn’t want to invest that much effort hunting them down, and so just pulled from the list itself, with one exception.

  • Elizabeth Black: According to her Revoice Bio: “Elizabeth Black (she/her) has served as an evangelist and minister in New York City for almost 10 years.”
  • Gregory Coles: None listed, but wrote in 2018: “I’ll argue in this paper that the most biblical response to transgender people’s pronouns is a posture of unequivocal pronoun hospitality. That is, I believe that all Christians can and should use pronouns that reflect the expressed gender identities of transgender people, regardless of our views about gender identity ethics. If a person identifies herself to you as “she,” I hope you will consider it an act of Christ-like love to call her “she” out of respect, whether or not you believe that the way she expresses her gender identity is honoring to God.”
  • Kat Laprairie: Kat was born a woman, identifies as transgender, and likes to use she/her or they/them pronouns
  • Aaron Munson: According to Revoice bio, Aaron Munson (he/him) is a licensed school counselor and a licensed mental health counselor (LMHC) who provides virtual counseling for people who are struggling to reconcile their faith and their sexuality/sexual orientation.
  • Liz Munson: According to her Revoice bio:  “Liz Munson (she/her) has been in a journey of reconciling her faith and sexuality over the past decade. After 12 years of marriage and 2 kids, she and Aaron found out they were in a “mixed oriented marriage.”
  • Ben Schulke: According to Revoice bio: “Ben Schulke (he/they) lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan with his wife Lauren.”
  • Preston Sprinkle: None listed. Tweeted out support of the aforementioned Gregory Coles article, saying people should practice “pronoun hospitality.” (BTW, Someone should ask him if he’d agree to call a friend’s mistress “his wife” if that’s what the friend asked, and also how would that be any different.)
  • Eve Tushnet: None listed. She is a professing lesbian who is also a practicing Roman Catholic. We wrote about her already here.
  • Gregg Webb: None listed. Interestingly, he is Eastern Orthodox and identifies as a homosexual man, two things which make his Christianity suspect.

Revoice still plans on adding more speakers, and we will update this list with all the she/hers and they/thems accordingly.

7 thoughts on “So who are all the She/Her, They/Them, and He/Hims Speaking at Revoice?

  1. “…After 12 years of marriage and 2 kids, she and Aaron found out they were in a “mixed oriented marriage.”
    A godless freak show.
    (insert tiny flags here denoting I am neither a sexual deviant nor mentally ill)

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