Rosaria Butterfield Blasts Tribalistic ‘Gay Christians’+ ‘Side B’ Revoicers

Rosaria Butterfield is the author of The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert and The Gospel Comes With a House Key. She’s one of the main go-to people for Christian leaders to point to as an example of the power of the gospel on account of being a lesbian Women’s Studies professor who was saved and having her sexuality redeemed. She ultimately married a man, had a family and turned aside from her wayward ways- being a shining success story in an ocean littered with failures.

We’ve scrapped with her over the years primarily because of ancillary perspectives on homosexual habits, including the use of personal pronounces relating to “Christian hospitality” and her occasionally boorish behavior towards our founder. While Butterfield’s LGBTQ theology is not as sub-biblical and theologically schizophrenic as Jackie Hill Perry, Rebecca McLaughlin, or Sam Allberry; three other mainstays in this space, we’re thankful that she has begun to button up some of her more wanton errors that we’ve previously criticized her for.

While Butterfield has, to her detriment, typically refused to “name names” of those causing theological chaos in her space, she has reserved some quiet criticism for Preston Sprinkle and his wretched book “Embodied,” having previously publicly criticized it. Now, she’s getting a bit more vocal, taking more shots at ‘Side B’ Christians and in particular, at the Revoice Conference in a Truth over Tribe guest post.

For some context, the whole notion of ‘Side A’ and ‘Side B’ Christians- ‘Gay Christians’ who embrace their homosexuality vs. ‘Gay Christians’ who believe homosexuality is a sin- was formulated 20 years ago on messages boards by the likes of Justin Lee and then later Matthew Vines as a way to categorize the incongruous and diverse voices on the matter now frequently found on the Spiritual Friendship page; a loose-knit coterie of sexually confused souls that frolic there.

As far as Revoice, well we’ve made out thoughts known here, So who are all the She/Her, They/Them, and He/Hims Speaking at Revoice? and here Revoice Introduces ‘Semi-Celibate Throuple’ to Christendom, and here Revoice Conference is Bringing Back the Roman Catholic Lesbian Who Praised X-Rated Gay BDSM Film.

Butterfield writes in part:

After we are justified by God, we can never return to Adam. What does this mean for someone like me who lived as a lesbian for a decade and believed I was gay? It means that homosexuality is part of my biography, not my nature. My nature is securely chained in Christ (Colossians 3:10-20). What does it mean if a Christian falls back into an old sin pattern? It means that he is acting against his true nature. How do we stop acting against our true nature in Christ when our flesh craves our old sin patterns? By going to war with our sin through the power of Christ’s blood. A genuine Christian will not make peace with sin, for doing so scorns the atoning blood of Christ. Puritan Thomas Watson says, “Christ is never loved till sin be loathed.”

Taking Revoice to task for their merciless tribalism and hopeless, gospel-less ideologies, she concludes:

One dictionary definition of tribalism is “the behavior and attitudes that stem from strong loyalty to one’s own social group.” Tribalism is extra-biblical teaching. Tribalism comes from false ideas entering the church from the world. Tribalism is infectious and poisonous, and it leaves a wake of division in its path. It destroys the peace and purity of the church and produces false professions of faith as well as unstable Christians held captive to destructive sin patterns. Tribalism falsifies the blood of Christ.

Side B Christianity—Revoice—is tribal, not truthful. Instead of offering fundamental liberty in Christ, including redemption and change, Revoice theology denies the power of Christ’s blood to sanctify His people such that they no longer are homosexual. Revoice theology is tribal in its use of Freudian anthropology over biblical personhood, recording homosexuality as a morally neutral sexual orientation. But the Bible records both feelings and practices as sinful acts if directed against God’s commands (Matthew 5:27-28). Revoice theology is political in its embrace of LGBTQ+ language and ideology. Revoice theology believes that homosexual orientation cannot be repented of, thereby withholding the power of repentance and sanctification to transform lives. In contrast, Scripture teaches us to “repent…and turn back, that your sins may be blotted out” (Acts 3:19).

Because I choose Truth over tribe, I reject the false teaching of Revoice/Side B Theology.

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

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29 thoughts on “Rosaria Butterfield Blasts Tribalistic ‘Gay Christians’+ ‘Side B’ Revoicers

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    2. Jews remain distinct, biblically. It is an identity of heritage and being set apart by God himself as a people-group. That particular outreach to unsaved Jews acknowledges that biblical truth as they witness to Jews. The Apostles also acknowledged that remaining distinction while also acknowledging that the gentiles have been grafted into the promise of redemption through the Messiah.

      This was the teaching throughout the first 300 years of the early church until Augustine came along and allegorized the promises to Israel into The Church and did away with the continuation of the Jewish Nation and the Jewish people as a separate entity. Of course the specific Promises of God to Israel pertaining to the land and also many statements from God throughout the Book of Revelation are very difficult to square with that new thinking, but since the Roman Catholic Church made it official in their teaching, that notion of Israel being synonymous with the Christian Church became the predominant tradition from then until now.

      It would seem that this preacher holds to that Roman Catholic tradition of allegorizing Israel as synonymous with the Church of Christ. Jews for Jesus shouldn’t engage in outright tribalism, but to acknowledge a remaining distinction is definitely biblical for them.

      Galatians 3:28 KJV
      There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.

      We all come Christ through Christ Jesus regardless of distinction. We remain distinctly male or female, just like we remain Jew or gentile.

      1. But modern Jews are not the same as biblical Jews. Modern Jews have a lot of European admixture.

        Also, the Star of David, which JFJ uses, is a pagan symbol.

        1. The tracing of lineage is the way to rectify the additions of other people groups that have been added to the mix. This issue was present in biblical times as well. Those in the accepted lineage had this issue also. The problem with the Samaritans in the Jewish estimation was that they did not keep track of lineage but merely identified as having roots that extended back to the Patriarchs. They were considered half breeds, but half breeds without a sufficient genealogy as well.

          The current Day Jewish Nation has a mixture of those with sufficient and insufficient records of genealogy. A person’s standing in that Nation does require a certain amount of genealogy. However, the Holocaust, which erased most records for many people, accommodated some leniency in that area as the nation of Israel resurfaced on the face of the earth once again. Some form of lineage back to the Patriarchs is expected from those who claim to be Jews, or at least from the spouse of someone who claims to be Jewish by marriage.

          They are still God’s chosen people-group, and are an example of what to do and what not to do, along with showing the depravity of mankind… even while having received instruction from God. His biblical prophecy will continue to be fulfilled through them, and the book of Revelation definitely shows that is going to be a difficult road ahead for them.

          1. It won’t let me respond to you below your last question, so I will respond above it. Not sure where it will be placed. If you mean the old Covenant and the new Covenant, yes. That would be a better description of the Old Testament and the New Testament, which is what the two sections should have been named. That would be the biblical description.

            By the way, I just listened to the first 15 minutes of that sermon you had a link to. That was a sadly misinformed sermon. Much of what is in the Bible was taken out of context and misapplied. The two points that he made about Jews for Jesus in those 15 minutes misconstrued their biblical basis and perspectives about their statements as was the symbol on the website. Either this was extreme ignorance or malice on his part. Either way, that is not good. When he spoke of the meanings of various parts of scripture, he failed to include the entire council of scripture to inform him of the meaning of those things. For someone who is very familiar with the whole of scripture and proper exegesis of scripture, it is very obvious that he should not be preaching from the pulpit. He needs much more biblical training and understanding before he is qualified to be in that role.

            I’m not defending Jews for Jesus. I could legitimately pick them apart on a few points myself. However, this pastor knows very little about what he is talking about when comparing his words to the whole of Scripture. Even his comments pertaining to this particular group that he is ostensibly attempting to pick apart is wrought with error and misrepresentations.

            A person needs to thoroughly know the Bible before they teach it, and they need to thoroughly know and understand a group or person before they attempt to pick them apart as well. He knows neither, or so it would appear from the first 15 minutes of that video. It was literally cringe-worthy.

          2. Biblically, the old covenant was made obsolete by the new. The old points to the new. Christ has fulfilled the old, and the new applies to us through Him. This is the only way of salvation for both the Jew and the gentile, biblically.

        2. The “star of David”, which is literally on the flag for the nation of Israel, is the likely reason for their use of it. They are likely acknowledging the Jewish nation by using that symbol, not whatever pagan historical context it may have come from.

          1. And the Christians can reconsider a few things themselves as well, such as the origins of the Christmas tree, the word Christmas, the origin of “Easter”, the origin of the name Easter, the intentional removal of the resurrection celebration from the feast of the Passover, the traditional celebration of All Saints Day (Halloween), the origins of placing the celebration of the incarnation on December 25th, etc, etc.

            I don’t know why those extremely problematic Christians traditions continue after all of these years of acknowledging their pagan roots either, just like I don’t know why the Jewish people have continued with their traditions surrounding the star of David.

            However, saying that God isn’t going to fulfill his promises to the nation of Israel, and has instead deceived the Patriarchs who believed him, and is instead transferring those promises to the Church of Christ, is likely the worst of all of these traditions. That literally would make God a lier. The promises are explicit, and they include “the land” of Israel. Land that is literally physically measured out in Scripture, and promised to the Jewish people. This is repeated and reiterated in the book of Revelation.

            The fear of God should have prevented this tradition from continuing, but it has persisted nonetheless. The fear of God is often secondary to tradions, which was why Jesus himself chastised the Pharisees. Christianity continues that same practice.

          2. By the way, I can pick that pastor apart about his 15 minutes of video because that video has been active on YouTube for over 2 years now, and not taken down or edited, and for the volume of error within such a short time-frame. Perhaps he has other examples that exhibit a bit more biblical understanding within the context of the whole of Scripture, but it is highly doubtful if this video hasn’t been taken down and continues to represent his level of misunderstanding and misrepresentation.

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  4. @Paul

    Many Christians believe those promises were conditional, and since Jews overwhelmingly rejected their Messiah, then that contract was null and void. That’s their argument why God allowed the Romans to destroy the temple and scatter the Jews.

    1. Biblically, God always reserves for himself a remnant. At one point, God specifically said that he had reserved 7,000 for himself that had not bowed the knee to Baal. That was a small number, but the Jewish nation was still God’s people . It has always been a small percentage that are true believers, whether in the Jewish Nation or among gentiles.

      The pastor in that video clip mentioned Paul’s commentary about the Jewish people not accepting the gospel so he would then take the gospel to the Gentiles, which the pastor then attributed to basically no Jews being converted. This was one of those many disingenuous or ill-informed depictions of scripture. That was literally decades after Christ had been taken up to heaven and after tens of thousands of Jews had been converted to christianity. Literally. It’s all recorded in scripture so it’s not as though he should have been unaware of that fact. The vast, vast majority of all Christians at that point were all jews. Very few gentiles were among those claiming to be Christians at that time.

      The Apostle Paul was commissioned by Christ himself to spread the gospel to the gentiles. The other apostles were converting the Jews, but the Apostle Paul was determined to convince his own people to be converted as well. It was at that point that the Apostle Paul did what he was told to do and go out to reach the gentiles. As is the case in much of that video, he misconstrued and misrepresented scripture.

      As far as the promises being conditional, the promises in scripture given by God that are conditional are always specified as conditional. These promises that people on their own accord are transferring to the church and against the nation of Israel as now conditional were definitely not specified as conditional in Scripture. To say that many Christians believe that, is only an acknowledgment that they have been poorly taught and are following the traditions of men instead of the words of scripture as God has given us. That example that the video pastor gave of Paul’s commentary about going to the Gentiles is a prime example of misconstruing scripture according to the traditions of men. He tried to make a conditional statement that canceled out the promises of God to the nation of Israel by misconstruing the Apostle Paul’s statement. It completely ignores the fact that for decades mostly Jews were being converted to Christianity.

      1. I’ve heard from other Christians that a lot of people calling themselves Jews and living in Israel today are actually fake Jews: Edomites, Khazarians, Russians, Poles, etc who converted to Judaism and have little to no genetic relation to the ancient Hebrews and Israelites. Revelation also talks about a synagogue of Satan filled with fake Jews.

        1. And we have fake citizens in the United States as well. People deceive, misrepresent and falsify things to gain citizenship in whatever country they go to. And your point? Biblically, 2/3rds of them will be killed during the tribulation. They have a hard road ahead. Their rejection of God and his Messiah is foretold and has foretold consequences. The Jews for Jesus organization that you apparently go along with criticizing is trying to convert them to Christianity.

          Why do you have such angst against them? The rest of the world’s societies, especially those that are non-Christian , have all of the same issues or worse. The fact that God has called them out specifically should be intriguing, especially now that so much of world history and current events are lining up with prophecy throughout scripture.

          Many Catholics think they are the only true church, many Mormons think they are the only true church, Muslims think that Islam is the only true religion, and many Jewish people think they are the only chosen people of God… while not accepting the Scripture that foretold that others would be drafted in through the Messiah. This is all a fairly common theme throughout the world.

          Again, why are you picking on the Jewish people so much?

          1. Dr. Michael Brown is also trying to convert Jews to Christianity and gets attacked by this website all the time.

    2. I would suggest if listening to preaching on videos, to follow and listen to preachers who are determined to follow the true meaning of the biblical text as God has given us. Pastors such as Alistair Begg, Robert Jeffress, Mike Fabarez, John MacArthur, and many, many others.

      All preachers eventually say something that is off-the-mark, or come to some conclusion that doesn’t seem to quite square with the words of Scripture, but that is typically few and far between for many faithful ministers of the Word who have dedicated their lives to the proper exegesis(taking out) of scripture and the proper explanation of scripture.

      If that pastor in the video is your personal pastor (shepherd), I would suggest finding a different church that has a more knowledgeable teacher.

  5. Until she repents of her pronoun hospitality and saying that “Jesus is my husband”, I really don’t have much respect for anything she says. Just because someone comes out of a heinous sin, doesn’t mean they should automatically be platformed and extolled to every other Christian who has consistently and faithfully followed the Lord for years.

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