Revoice Introduces ‘Semi-Celibate Throuple’ to Christendom

In 2018 Revoice burst through the door of reformed Christian churches, making the conservative case for the acceptance and normalization of “gay Christians” within the body of believers. This was done without the flashy and easily identifiable heretical signs. This was no drag queen with big hair, fake eyelashes, bedazzled dress, and member tucked between their legs dancing in the church pew to Lady Gaga songs – a clear and easily spotted enemy. Rather, this was a serious affair emerging from the buttoned-down PCA, led by earnest men with well-coiffed hair and beige pullovers, explaining the theological intricacies of new terms like “sexual minority” and “Same-Sex Attraction” (SSA) and insisting on “gospel dignity and diversity.”

It seemed somewhat non-threatening, until they had talks on “Queer Theory and The Treasures of Queer Culture and Queer Literature” and discussed “What queer treasure, honor, and glory will be brought into the New Jerusalem at the end of time?” All the while being led by Nate Collins, who describes himself as a “gay man in a mixed-orientation marriage.” He did his dissertation at Al Mohler’s SBTS, arguing that “virgin” is a third gender in the scriptures, has a knack for liking gay art, and made grotesquely unbiblical statements in Christianity Today.

Months ago, the ERLC promoted their founder and his books as part of their “Parent’s Guide to Teaching Your Kids About Gender,”  guide, repeatedly quoting and referencing him

Now, at the 2020 Revoice conference, they introduced to the world the notion of a Straight-Gay Couple in a Straight-Gay Household, with the possibility of a coming Semi-Celibate Throuple.

In a conference webinar, Art Pereira, a homosexual Student Ministry Director at Hope Presbyterian Church (PCA) and his heterosexual friend, Nick Galluccio, a youth pastor at Stonecrest Community Church, explain the concept.

These two moved in together – got a two-year lease. Going far beyond mere roommates, they have formed a “family” and a “household” on account of being “deeply committed to each other” and “planning on sharing life together for the rest of our lives.”  Art explains:

We are totally committed to finding a way to live together and to function as a household. There’s different ideas of what that looks like, right. There are a lot of details we don’t know. Do I live in a house with them? Or do I live next door?…We’ve got a few things worked out which is we don’t move out without each other. If he moves, I move; if I move, he moves. We make decisions together as a family…when he has a wife one day, she’ll make the decisions with us.

Throughout the webinar, Art calls his straight counterpart “cute” and “physically attractive” and confesses that he has romantic feelings towards him, showing himself to be a mess of roiling and conflicting emotions. A keen observer would spot he has essentially taken the temptation and rationalized it away, fanning the flames in the form of a new contrivance. He explains:

So, when I started having, like when I start realizing, oh, Nick is cute…I was like, Oh, man I have to get away from this friendship, like, it’s not good for my spiritual health but all the evidence was otherwise. It was really good for my spiritual health…I know Jesus so much more from our relationship, and also he’s cute.

We also learn that Art’s pastor (again, in a PCA church) is supportive of this whole affair, even giving them “friendship premarital counseling.” This was done despite the fact that Nick has at some points started questioning his own sexuality.

Of course, none of this would fly if instead of a gay man forming a household it was a straight woman – a fact lost on these Revoice devotees.

If Art and Nick have their way (Or at least, only Nick, and from the way it looks, maybe not even him) Nick will one day get married and the household and family will continue on, with he and his wife having a sexual relationship and Art eternally wishing he could get in on that action.

They will be a semi-celibate lifelong throuple, forming a family, having children, making life decisions together, with the celibacy taking place between two of the three parties, all to the glory of God we’re sure.

We can’t wait to see what other blasphemies Revoice 2021 brings us.


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