There’s a Bigger Problem Regarding Merritt’s Homosexuality and People are Missing It

Hold up. Hold up. Jonathan Merritt is gay?

Forsooth. Egad. Inconceivable.

Just kidding. Of course, he’s a practicing homosexual? Discernmenty Christians have been telling you this for basically forever. For crying out loud, we’ve been screaming it in posts entitled such as Jonathan Merritt and Three Dollar Bills, writing, “For the cool kids of American evangelicalism, [their] gay bestie is a journalist named Jonathan Merritt.” We wrote about and Merritt defending tranny storytime at the local library, we asked how many other closeted homosexuals are affecting the SBC, we’ve done podcasts about Merritt’s queerness, we’ve written articles pleading with everybody to stop treating him as though he’s not gay, such as Can Evangelical Leaders Stop Treating Jonathan Merritt Like He Isn’t Totally Gay (literally, that was the title), and we wrote about him being a big defender of Russell Moore (it’s not homosexual, but I’m still throwing it in as a different kind of gay anyway).

But this isn’t an “I Told You So” post, despite the fact that I told you so. The ornery band of spirit-gifted discernment community folks didn’t break this story of Merritt’s gayness. It was Merritt’s hook-up who outed him in 2012. After a night of sodomy-infused whisker nuzzling, put together and planned like a Tinder date, Merritt’s homosexuality caught up to him and a lover announced to the world Merritt was gay. That was scandalous for a journalist who specialized in the realm of Christian journalism.

Then, the wagons circled around the young sodomite. His dad is a megachurch pastor, James Merritt, was a former president of the Southern Baptist Convention, and just a few weeks ago played a pivotal role in stopping an attempt of the Conservative Resurgence II by serving as the draconian Resolutions Committee head who was there for no reason but to stop conservative resolutions from making it to the SBC messengers. Meanwhile, Merritt Jr. – who was catapulted to the stage of pseudo-Christian journalism by his dad’s megachurch status and the privilege of his last name – was an important conduit between the leftwing of evangelicalism and the media. Instantly, that goat-bearded, carnival barking, doctrinal chameleon, Ed Stetzer, came to the public relations rescue with an exclusive interview with Merritt. That interview was designed to do one primary thing; make Merritt seem repentant and keep him in place within evangelicalism to continue to be the devil’s spokesman.

The interview by Stetzer made several claims designed to accomplish its end; Merritt has struggled with homosexuality, does not identify as a homosexual, is not a practicing homosexual, and can confirm that homosexuality is a sin. Stetzer took the article down (see below) after Merritt announced to the world he was out-and-proud a few days ago (see below).

Stetzer’s PR article on Merritt disappeared after Merritt came out-and-proud faster than a plagiarized sermon from Ed Litton. It was super fast. Aside: Notice that it’s always the left that deletes stuff.

Have no fear; the Internet has a memory second only to that of God. For the life of me, I don’t know why Big Eva hasn’t figured out what the Wayback Machine is or that it works. I digress… Here is the original article that you can find here (or by clicking the screenshot below).

Stetzer’s goal was accomplished, and the liberal invaders of authentic evangelicalism took Stetzer and Merritt at their word for it. Like, of course, the dude who sodomizes other dudes should be believed regarding his position on homosexuality. Right?

It worked, though. Justin Taylor of The Social Gospel Coalition praised Stetzer and Merritt for “transparency” (reminder: he was outed; that’s not transparency, you feckless moron), writing…

I commend Jonathan for his honesty, and Ed for seeking to provide a forum to do this in the right way, just as I lament the utterly unconscionable actions of professing believers who seek to take political-theological advantage of rumors and pain.

To be clear – despite Taylor’s assertions – (1) Jonathan was not honest, (2) Stetzer was doing PR, and (3) people warning you not to believe the guy who just took the penis out of his rear-end were not trying to “take advantage” but warn people to have some common sense and practice basic discernment.


Listen, evangelicalism accounts for billions of dollars each year in donations. The vast majority of this comes from blue-haired old ladies dropping nickles in the offering plates of their country church houses. Only a small percentage (but still a large dollar figure) comes from Dark Money assets, like George Soros gives to the ERLC or James Riady gives to The Gospel Coalition and Reformed Theological Seminary. The devil wants that money from grandma, though.

The problem is, the pew-sitters and tithers are largely authentic Christians and wouldn’t give a dime to support the real agenda of Stetzer (or Wheaton, Christianity Today, Lifeway, or anywhere else he’s sold snake oil). They wouldn’t give a dime to support the real agenda of The Gospel Coalition, which is to turn evangelicals politically leftward. They wouldn’t give a dime if they knew the real agenda of the ERLC was to promote communitarianism, deter us from focusing on abortion, and help mosques get built.

Big Eva – or as I called them years ago, the Evangelical Intelligentsia – has had to keep the grift going to keep the money coming in to sustain both their lifestyle and Satanic (yes, I said it) agenda. The devil needs God’s money. As I explained in that article (linked just above) from 2015, the Evangelical Integentsia consists primarily of parachurch ministries (9Marx, TGC, ERLC, SBTS, SWBTS, SEBTS, CRU, YWAM, etc) and on occasion, megachurches. Both, it turns out, have been getting their material from Docent Plagiarism Group.

But in order to stay funded, they have had to put on the charade, the scheme, the theater of being with us, and not against us. This is why we are warned of wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves (Matthew 7:15).

Stetzer’s PR for Merritt was nothing but Straight Eye for the Queer Guy, dressing up a wolf like a sheep; that was Stetzer’s goal. Merritt hasn’t changed his views. His opinions haven’t evolved. This was no 40-year resolution to come clean, as he asserted in his coming-out tale. He’s been taking the “due penalty for his error” straight into his anus (ἣν ἔδει, Romans 1:27, and that’s what the verse means) before, during, and after lying about his position since 2012.

That Merritt has been lying about his sodomy is no mere conjecture. We’ve faithfully chronicled Merritt’s support for the things he told Stetzer he rejected in 2012 (see here and here for the links that include such gems as Gay Dude, Jonathan Merritt, Praises Theologian for Embracing Sodomy).

What this means isn’t just that Merritt is a sodomite, a sin that – contrary to what JD Greear says – sends you to hell if unrepented and unatoned – he is a liar. And that’s in the same category of damnable sins.

But as for the cowardly, the faithless, the detestable, as for murderers, the sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars, their portion will be in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur, which is the second death” (Revelation 21:8 KJV)

Hersheal York, Dean of SBTS

After Merritt officially stepped out of the closet a couple of days ago, he’s experienced a virtual side-hug orgy from his evangelical leftist buddies (see below). While distancing themselves from full-blown approval of sodomy, they have been utterly silent on the 9 years of lying from Merritt, as though lying isn’t even a sin to be addressed at all. Consider Hershael York, the Dean of Mohler’s Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, who not only promised to violate 1 Corinthians 5, but minimized Merritt’s sin of sodomy as a mere difference of opinion and mentioned his decade of lies not at all (here’s his tweet).

Listen, people. There are two sins and one observation here that are screaming at us, and people are only noticing one (so it seems to me).

Sin 1: Sodomy. Yes, it’s gross. Yes, God hates it. And yes, even the desire (even unpracticed) is a sin according to Jesus in his Sermon on the Mount.

Sin 2: Lying. Merritt – and Ed Stetzer, James Merritt, Beth Moore, and every other one of Merritt’s prominent supporters – took evangelicalism on a ride of lies. They all knew, just as we did, that Merrit was queer as a three-dollar bill. And furthermore, you have to be a special kind of stupid to believe that any “Same-Sex Attracted” evangelical is celibate; and yes, that goes for Sam Allberry in particular, who I would bet my ranch is physically involved with other men to this very day.

They all knew Merritt was a practicing homosexual. They lied by omission (acting as though this were not true, or ignoring it) while letting him (and Stetzer) lie by commission (explicitly stating that which was false).

Notice my exchange with Merritt’s dad a few weeks ago…

I’ve had hundreds of these exchanges with Satan’s evangelicals. Like James Merritt, they sometimes earn me invectives, curses, and calls for repentance but not a single time has anyone ever said, “He’s not a practicing homosexual.” Not once; that’s because they darn-well knew he was.

In the 1950s, the term Comintern developed for those who belonged to the organization, Communist International, and embedded themselves secretly into American media, academia, and politics. But by 1966 another term developed, Homintern, and was coined to refer to homosexuals who secretly embedded themselves into American institutions to subvert them (we don’t know who coined the term, but it has been credited to Cyril Connolly, WH Auden, and Jocelyn Brooke). The concept goes back further than the term, and Oscar Wilde is widely seen as the first prominent Homintern in American media, back in 1895. The term became more popular after it began to be used by William F. Buckley in The National Review to refer to those secretly pushing the LGBTQ agenda.

This is the observation (previously mentioned) being overlooked: American evangelicalism has been over-run with Hominterns who, like Merritt, have hidden or downplayed their homosexuality while embedding themselves deeply in evangelical institutions. We have written about them before, and most are associated with The Gospel Coalition; Allberry, Perry, McLaughlin, Gilson, and yes – Butterfield. They also have something else in common; they do not believe Same-Sex Attraction is a sin unless acted upon. Note this as a discernment tipthey are working for the other team. This is where Merritt started his lies, and we saw where he wound up. This is where every Homintern winds up without agreeing with Jesus that desires of the heart are sinful (Matthew 5:27-28).

But beyond the Hominterns, the dishonesty has abounded surrounding Merritt Jr. for years. There are snakes among us. They slither in the weeds. When you ignored discernment ministries, when you shun gifts of the Holy Spirit, you do it at your own peril.

8 thoughts on “There’s a Bigger Problem Regarding Merritt’s Homosexuality and People are Missing It

  1. Thought I would bust a gut laughing at the picture of Hersheal York!
    Now, you’ll have to excuse me – I have sudden craving for fried chicken…

    1. I was still choking on “He’s been taking the “due penalty for his error” straight into his anus…” when I got to the pic of York.
      It’s all too much. I must rest.

  2. Must read article! So much here besides the implicating of the horde of BigEva! And yes, for comic relief the pictures of journalist “Jonathan Merritt” and the “Dean of SBTS” are hilarious!

  3. JD thank you for all of your constant efforts to warn the true church about the rot that is all around us. You are one of only a few that actually call out names and back it up with receipts. Thanks for your directness and the humor…..which is spot on I have to say.

  4. So Hershael York wants to be Merritt’s friend in his out and proud, homosexual half of life? And York loves Merritt. To be friends with the world is to be at enmity with God. To love the world is to be the enemy of God. And Romans 1 is clear that there is nothing more worldly and God-denying than homosexuality. How can he justify his position? Perhaps York loves God less than he loves Merritt, and therefore, is his friend that loves him.

  5. Bring gay and Judeo-Christian is not a contradiction 🇺🇸🇮🇱🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️

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