Gay Dude, Jonathan Merritt, Praises Theologian for Embracing Sodomy

Jonathan Merritt’s career in Christian journalism deftly survived his homosexual lover outing him in 2012. Ed Stetzer, then Vice-President of the SBC’s Lifeway Research, helped him ease back into the closet with a powerful public relations piece, and from then forward evangelical leaders have been playing a game of Side Eye to the Queer Guy, acting like he’s not the gayest thing they’ve seen since skinny jeans.

Today, Merritt took to Religion News Service to laud Peterson’s approval for recreational anal sex betwixt dudes (like Peterson, who brought us The Message translation, I’m paraphrasing).

Throughout the Ode to Heretic Peterson, Merritt lauds the theologian for “ambiguity” and “nuance,” which of course are never praised in the Bible, but condemned. The devil, of course, is the first one to ask if God’s Word really said.

Just before he died, Peterson gave a thumbs-up to moral fagginess, and then when critics threatened to pull his material, did the moonwalk backward. But Merritt posthumously paints Peterson on the pro-gay side.

Merritt quotes Peterson as saying…

“It is pretty clear that homosexual orientation is not a sin. I think the evidence is pretty clear on that by this time,”

Jesus would disagree. Heck, Jesus did disagree in the Sermon on the Mount when he clarified that adulterous desire is sinful in and of itself. There’s no good way to paraphrase away Matthew 5:28, and we long for the day that Hominterns just up and denounce the Bible rather than twisting it. But rarely does the serpent lisp that way.

Thankfully, the evidence Merritt provides of Peterson’s full-blown approval of the things God detests is irrefutable. The man called evil good, and good, evil.

Peterson said…

“I’ve helped several families accept their children as gay. And, uh, they are devastated at first and then with just careful, prayerful conversation, they’ve finally accepted that this is not a bad thing, that this can be a good thing. This can be a flourishing thing.”

Butt sex is not flourishing. But I digress.

The point is Merritt’s unmitigated sodomy-celebration confetti, spread about the Christian world which has remained largely mum to its rainblow-splattered litter.

Peterson is certainly a lost cause, mostly because he’s in hell, but it’s a shame that evangelical subversives still cite Merritt as an expert on anything but gayness.

Merritt’s praises Peterson for saying…

“The American evangelical church has been so mean towards homosexuals, excluded and discriminated against, taunted and reviled, that I want nothing to do with the arguments and prejudices that lurk just beneath the surface of so much same-sex concern.”

We would remind the reader that God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah with fire and brimstone in a stunning display of righteous hatred towards homosexuals and homosexuality (yes, both). While we mortals do not have the divine prerogative of hatred toward fellow man, we can certainly denounce the dripping effeminacy and perverse homosexuality that Peterson excused and that Merritt exhibits daily on Twitter.

[Editor’s Note: Contributed by JD Hall]


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4 thoughts on “Gay Dude, Jonathan Merritt, Praises Theologian for Embracing Sodomy

  1. “The American evangelical church has been so mean towards homosexuals, excluded and discriminated against, taunted and reviled,….”

    This is just what the forces of darkness do. They put believers on the defensive. They know that because most evangelicals are decent people they will respond defensively- oh but we really love homosexuals, Jesus loves them too, we don’t believe in discrimination, no one will taunt you at my church, please just give us a chance, blah blah. Wrong response! It’s time to grab the football and play offense! Turn it around on them. Tell them evangelicals don’t feel safe around THEM because homosexuals have just been so mean to evangelicals, excluded and discriminated against them, mocked, taunted and reviled, etc. Turn it around on them. Make them the bullies. And after all, they wouldn’t experience any “meanness” if they didn’t prance into our churches demanding we ditch Bibles and change our doctrine!

    Never apologize to the woke mob. They are trained to seize on an apology as an admission of guilt, and a position of weakness. If you’re apologizing they’ve got you. You’re sentenced to groveling and doing penance forever. Get up and turn it around on them.

  2. “…and from then forward evangelical leaders have been playing a game of Side Eye to the Queer Guy, acting like he’s not the gayest thing they’ve seen since skinny jeans.”

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