FACT CHECK: ‘SBC Voices’ is Lying About ERLC Not Getting Cash from Soros

Russell Moore’s “MANCHURIAN BLOG” continues to lie about the cash they get from George Soros, but the facts are getting in their way

Lying is not okay, but the hardcore theological leftists at “SBC Voices” (click here to read more about their milksop liberalism) drip deception like a dog drools. The blog, as we have covered before, has been entirely taken over by ERLC lifelong Democrat and Comintern, Russell Moore; every writer and contributor has been appointed to boards by Moore, who hands out denominational appointments like a pedophile passes candy from a van. And the Manchurian bloggers over at SBC Voices are working tirelessly for their Lord and Savior, Russell Moore…and they aren’t afraid to provide bald-faced lies to protect the Lilliputian pro-Democrat lobbyist.

Thankfully, the ERLC Task Force Report has looked into the ERLC and how its palpable worldly politicial perspectives have hurt the Southern Baptist Convention. Chiefly, people in the pew are tired giving their tithes and offerings to a denominaton that pays a full-time lobbyist to run the ERLC like a Pro-Biden PAC.

Read more about their rather honest and forthright report here.

The complaints against Russell Moore are multitudinous. Yes, Moore lobbied to get a mosque built in New Jersey (the Mosque later used Moore’s activism to convince the judge to use public tax dollars to pay for its literal construction). Yes, Moore said he wishes his wife was more like Hillary Clinton. Yes, Moore is a lifelong Democrat. Yes, Moore criticized Donald J. Trump almost daily while never once criticizing Barack Obama. Yes, Moore lobbied for Trump’s impeachment (multiple times). Yes, Moore has given up the fight against abortion altogether, instead focusing on opening our borders to illegal aliens (this is where Soros’ funds come into play). Yes, Moore has surrounded himself with homosexuals and Marxists and promoted them using denominational resources.

But in terms of the ERLC Taskforce Report, the lie told by SBC Voices most recently is as follows…

Is the ERLC really receiving funding from George Soros? Of course not! Baptist Press has already addressed that lie back in January 2020 (before this task force was even created). But instead of addressing each concern and seeking either to set the record straight or amplify the concern, the task force report actually references one of the tabloid rags that is responsible for spreading the lie in the first place.

Of course, the Baptist Press is not a news outlet. It is a public relations arm of the Southern Baptist Convention. No one with the IQ of a grapefruit – on the left or the right – genuinely believes the Baptist Press is a legitimate news source. It’s literal job is the “pump sunshine” and dispel bad press for Southern Baptist leaders.

Meanwhile, Russell Moore’s sock puppet who wrote the blog article refers to a highly read news source (which is more read and more trusted than the Baptist Press) as a “tabloid rag.”

Argument ad populum, anybody?


1. The ERLC and Russell Moore are listed as “leadership organizations” of the Evangelical Immigration Table (see screenshot below).

2. The Evangelical Immigration Table is funded by National Immigration Forum (see screenshot below).

3. The Evangelical Immigration Forum is funded by George Soros’ Open Societies Foundation (see screenshot below).

4. Soros’ Open Societies Foundation actually brags about their Evangelical Immigration Table project on their website (see screenshot below).

At the time it was discovered that the Evangelical Immigration Table was a Soros front-group (going back to 2013) it was reported by numerous reputable news sites, Eric Metaxas (who got off the table when he discovered it was a Soros front), Julie Roys, The National Review, and many others.

5. Meeting notes from an Open Societies Foundation board meeting in October of 2015 specifically says they gave a grant to the National Immigration Forum to channel it to Southern Baptists at the ERLC (see screenshot below).

How can SBC Voices claim it is “false” that Soros has given cash to the ERLC when board meeting minutes from Open Socieities Foundation says differently? Answer: They’re liars and are of their father, the devil.

6. ‘Democracy Fund’ (a Marxist organization) actually gave 50k to the ERLC to host the MLK50 Conference, which started off the current SBC war over “wokeness” (see below).

NOTE: That George Soros has provided funding to and helped organized the Evangelical Immigration Table, which Russell Moore leads, is indisputable and proven beyond a doubt.

January 2020’s article from the Baptist Press denying the connection should fall flat on the face of its own absurdity, as it cites as an expert New Apostolic Reformation Apostle, Sammy Rodriguez (who is also a member of the Evangelical Immigration Table). Furthermore, the Baptist Press works directly for the SBC Executive Committee, which is run by Dr. Ronnie Floyd…who is also a member of the Evangelical Immigration Table).

What the Baptist Press provided last January was the testimony of several people who are working hand-in-hand with George Soros deny they’re working hand-in-hand with George Soros, while all the facts you could ever want refuting them are easily available at our fingertips.

Please understand, the folks at Russell Moore’s Manchurian Blog, SBC Voices, are not ill-informed on the ERLC’s partnership with George Soros, The evidence doesn’t lie and they’ve seen it. The folks at SBC Voices are simply lost, unconverted, unregenerate, and working for the “other team.”

They are liars, deceivers, and God-haters. Dave Miller, William Thornton, Bart Barber, Dwight McKissic, Adam Blosser, and Jay Adkins are all unconverted, ungodly men who are comfortable with lies.

Might God rid the world of them.


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3 thoughts on “FACT CHECK: ‘SBC Voices’ is Lying About ERLC Not Getting Cash from Soros

  1. And the ongoing lie at SBCvoices is their outright and repeated denials of being a bunch of liberals. They ran a piece last week where a “Christian” woman wrote about the “complexity” of being (supposedly) pro-life while also being pro-Kamala Harris. When a commenter gently criticized her position, he was scolded by the usual crowd.

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