[Insert Flame Emoji’s Here] Mike Miller of Central Baptist Church in Jacksonville TX Should Resign His Pastorate

“Son of man, prophesy against the shepherds of Israel; prophesy and say to them: `This is what the Sovereign LORD says: Woe to the shepherds of Israel who only take care of themselves! Should not shepherds take care of the flock?

I have no patience to dilly-dally and obfuscate regarding the current crisis of the hour. For that reason, I’m forgoing the typical niceties, well-wishes, and half-hearted charitable assumptions that the person I’m writing about isn’t mentally retarded or morally wicked. So far as Mike Miller goes, it’s one or the other and I suggest the latter.

As the Social Gospel relieves its stenching bowels upon the one, pure, and holy Gospel of Christ’s death and resurrection, we have no time to waste. The dire consequences our nation now faces, from forced lockdowns of churches on one hand and new public funding for abortion on the other, it is just the tip of the iceberg coming for evangelicals now that Joe Biden and his merry band of transvestites and Planned Parenthood reps are in charge of the federal government.

And largely, we have Russell Moore and the Soros-funded Cominterns at the ERLC to thank (not to mention their sister organization, which happens to be raining homosexuals at the moment, The Gospel Coalition) for the crisis in the steeple’s shadow. As I told Newsweek magazine last year, if only 2% of the evangelical vote stays home, the church is about to enter a new Dark Age. And thanks to the ERLC, The Gospel Coalition, 9Marx, and the other incestuous band of grab-handing soy-sippers who run those organizations, Joe Biden is now God’s judgment upon the church.

I wrote another article earlier in the day, dispelling the outright falsehoods of Russell Moore’s SBC Voices (he runs the blog by fiat, handing out denominational appointments to all of its contributors for doing his dirty work) and their absurdly unfactual claim that Soros is not funding the ERLC.

As I demonstrate with incontrovertible proof, including minutes from an Open Societies Foundation board meeting, Soros is funding the SBC’s ERLC.

The article I’ll now address was also posted at Moore’s Manchurian Blog, written as a guest post by Pastor Mike Miller of Central Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Texas. And this isn’t the first time that Miller jumped in to defend the SBC’s resident Democrat from Southern Baptist traditionalists and conservatives asking for him to be held accountable. He also did so in 2016, co-signing a letter in support for the man who “wishes [his] wife was more like Hillary Clinton.

By the way, we have not always been critical of Miller, and wrote a glowing piece about him when he blasted a heretical book being sold at Lifeway Christian Resources. You can’t say we aren’t fair.

But it turns out, Miller is an idiot. So that was our bad.

For the sake of this article, I’m just going to respond to his comments tit-for-tat (we don’t link SBC Voices because we have a policy against Fake News).


First, the report goes to great lengths to prove that the actions of Moore and the ERLC have caused some to stop giving to the Cooperative Program or in some other way to defer their giving. Stone assures us that the report “is not based on anecdotes or third-hand reports. It is based, almost exclusively, on documented facts.” However, these documented facts are based solely on anonymous comments from some state executive directors and reported third-hand through the Task Force.

Someone, please inform Miller that the testimony of numerous state executive directors satisfies the Biblical requirement for establishing a testimony (2 Corinthians 13:1). One can only imagine if Miller applied this impossible standard to women who are victims of abuse…the #MeToo movement that scuttled Paige Patterson’s tenure would have had a literal cow if they were told that personal testimonies don’t substantiate an accusation.

In reality, Pulpit & Pen and Protestia have documented dozens of churches that very publicly have left the Southern Baptist Convention or stopped funding it because of Russell Moore (here, here, and here are just some examples). Heck, some of the churches who have left over liberalism are black (which is only notable because Moore’s Critical Theory says their opinion are more valid). And, of course, my own church made national headlines when we – the largest Southern Baptist Church in Eastern Montana – left over Moore’s MLK50 crapshow (see below).

But to Miller, apparently, these are all just “anecdotal third-hand accounts.” The reason Miller can’t accept the indisputable fact that churches are leaving the convention over Russell Moore is for the same reason he can’t see evidence of voter fraud…he just chooses not to.

Moreover, we are given numerous anecdotes about churches removing funds over concerns about a supposed “leftward or liberal drift” in our convention. Unfortunately, this is not clarified or substantiated. Is the Task Force suggesting that Dr. Moore or the ERLC (or the SBC) is becoming theologically liberal? If so, where is the evidence?…To suggest even a hint of theological liberalism in the ERLC is easily demonstrably false.

It honestly amazes me that some guffaw at the notion the ERLC and SBC is becoming liberalized. Seriously? Still?

Let me try to avail Miller of his ignorance, but because it is intentional and self-induced, the prospects of success at this is small.

Russell Moore attacks conservatives as “fundamentalists” (the same accusation made by the liberals during the Conservative Resurgence)

Russell Moore demands conservatives resign from SBC leadership

Russell Moore doesn’t ask government to let churches worship, but demands they release illegal aliens because of COVID

Because of Russell Moore, Islamic prayers are being blasted over NJ city (they used his words to get taxpayer funding to do it)

Russell Moore joins with Soros pals to push taxpayer welfare for illegal aliens

Russell Moore says don’t let abortion decide how you vote

Russell Moore does NOTHING to help churches facing unconstitutional lockdowns

Russell Moore is helping create our border crisis

Christian radio host, Steve Deace, points out Russell Moore is arch-leftist

Russell Moore spoke out more against Artificial Intelligence than abortion in last 5 years

Russell Moore says churches should not discipline, but “disciple” trannys

Russell Moore says masculinity and biblical gender roles “fuel” transgenderism

Russell Moore says “blackface” is “worse than abortion”

Russell Moore joins Nancy Pelosi to bless liberal organization

Russell Moore says our constitutional rights “are never absolute” in defense of shutting down churches

Russell Moore sides with Pelosi to ask Trump to give foreigners welfare

Russell Moore signs statement with Muslims calling for “common ground”

Russell Moore says signers of John MacArthur’s “Social Justice and the Gospel” statement are “racists”

Russell Moore speaks at an actual George Soros event

Russell Moore kicked journalist out of SBC meeting for asking his position on pro-gay Revoice Conference

Russell Moore praises ERLC contributor who said “abortion is not murder”

Russell Moore continually redefines what it means to be “pro-life,” says it’s about human trafficking, environmental care, et al

Russell Moore says his favorite book is by pro-sodomy Eugene Peterson

Russell Moore issues statement condemning “White Lives Matter,” but promotes Black Lives Matter

Russell Moore promotes Interfaith prayer event with Muslims, atheists etc

Please take me at my word when I say what I’ve linked (above) is just the tip of the iceberg and doesn’t reflect even 1/100th of the articles we’ve collected about Russell Moore’s extreme leftism.

So yes, in fact – heck yes – we are alleging the SBC and the ERLC is going leftward. Maybe Miller has missed the Malcom X Read-In at SEBTS and the SBC’s gaggle of new lady pastors, but the rest of us have not.

The one who doesn’t think there’s a “hint” of liberalism in the SBC or ERLC must mean only one thing – they themselves are a liberal and playing along in this sick, Satanic joke.

Rather, funds are being threatened because Dr. Moore did not toe the preferred political line of the concerned parties. The report mentions opposition to a presidential candidate (we can wonder if such concerns were voiced over Dr. Land’s opposition to Bill Clinton) and the appearance of a former ERLC staffer at a Joe Biden event. 

I can 100% explain this disparity. The difference is, for mental midgets like Pastor Miller, Donald Trump led with a Biblical worldview despite the fact he has been, in times past, an adulterer. Bill Clinton, on the other hand, was a baby-butchering serial rapist while in office.

I’m not sure how Miller doesn’t recognize the difference.

First, is the Task Force suggesting that the mission of the ERLC is to support the Republican Party? If so, then what would this mean to all the African-American, Latino, and other minority pastors and congregations who vote overwhelmingly Democratic? 

I do not know what the task force is “suggesting,” but clearly the Republican Party should be supported by any and all Christians. The alternative is a party whose platform is a point-by-point refutation of the Ten Commandments. And while Miller takes a shot at Critical Theory, assuming that “African-American, Latino, and other minority pastors” must homogenously support the anti-Christian candidate, let it be known that I don’t give a single damn about what lost people want the ERLC to do.

And in case I couldn’t be clearer, supporting the Democratic Party is a pretty good sign you’re lost, no matter your skin color.

Second, do we want to muzzle our ethical and public policy entity unless the target of criticism is the Democratic Party? 

Yes. Next.

Dr. Moore demonstrated consistency in speaking about the moral failings of Donald Trump.

Right, retardo, right. Moore has absolutely shown consistency in speaking about the moral failings of Donald Trump. He has not shown consistency in speaking about the moral failings of Barack Obama or Joe Biden (being pro-abortion, pro-homosexuality, and pro-theft are moral failings). Yet, I haven’t heard Moore once criticize Joe Biden’s repeated plagiarism, the credible rape accusation against him, his lying about Burisma, or his serial-sniffing of little kids.

And all of this comes within a week of a member of the Executive Committee calling the Vice President of the United States “Jezebel.” 

Tom Buck called Kamala Harris “Jezebel” because she’s a two-bit immoral hussy who slept her way to the top and promotes baby murder. The comparison works.

To summarize, the Task Force finds that Cooperative Program giving is suffering at least in part due to an easily disproved misperception that the ERLC is drifting politically leftward. This seems to be because Dr. Moore has spoken consistently with the expressed convictions of Southern Baptists

This is perhaps the most tone-deaf point sputtered by Miller’s keyboard. In the universe in which he resides, which apparently is not this one, Moore’s actions are “consistent with the expressed convictions of Southern Baptists.”

If this was true, there would be literally no controversy. The fact is, Moore’s politics are exactly the opposite of virtually every born-again Southern Baptist. The only ones who clearly agree with Moore are, frankly, observably lost people like Dwight McKissic and the unconquerably ignorant.

The second major issue addressed in the Task Force report has to do with an amicus brief submitted by ERLC that contains admittedly troubling language. And lest anyone think I’m watering it down, the language is poorly worded and seriously problematic. This is a legitimate concern. The ERLC has acknowledged the error, publicly. They have issued an apology, publicly. They have rectified the problem, publicly.

It was not an “error.” It was an intentional lie told to the court in order to cover-up the misdeeds of the North American Mission Board. I’m glad they apologized to us (after much public outrage), but they did not make things right with the court and it’s no excuse for dishonesty.

Some kind of ties to George Soros. I’m sorry, but I’m embarrassed that this was even included in the list. I suppose what is most embarrassing is that these kinds of accusations are apparently coming from pastors.

These soy-sipping fairies can swoon all day long on their fainting couches, but it’s absolutely indisputable that the ERLC has taken cash from Soros (see here). Miller can act like this is some kind of QAnon conspiracy, but it’s well-documented and easily proveable.

That the ERLC is not available or responsive. I can’t speak to this because I’ve never experience it or heard it.

My brother (a Southern Baptist pastor) is the nicest person in the world and for some reason, his church is still affiliated with the Great Satan, but even he has pointed out the ERLC is unapproachable. And for the record, my brother hates this blog, but he doesn’t lie about the ERLC being evasive. Denying this is silliness. Moore doesn’t leave his 600k home in his gated, white-privileged subdivision to talk to the little people.

ERLC stance on immigration. I admit that I have not read everything the ERLC has published on immigration, but I have read a lot. Literally everything I’ve seen is in full agreement with the 2011 SBC resolution “On Immigration and the Gospel” and the 2018 SBC resolution “On Immigration.”

Did the 2011 SBC resolution denounce border security and call a border wall “a golden calf”? Nice try, but that resolution didn’t accuse Southern Baptists who believe in national sovereignty of idolatry.

Silence on religious issues for California churches during the pandemic. ERLC was not silent. However, it would seem that their consistent position was simply not favorable to some. In July 2020, an ERLC Explainer was published after California Governor Newsom imposed new restrictions on churches. The article is a cogent explanation as to why this executive order was not a violation of the constitution because it did not unfairly target religious groups.

Uh…the ERLC initially came out and told Christians it was our DUTY to submit to government tyranny and shut down. You’ll notice Miller point out that the ERLC stated their position (in a blog post) in July, months after the lockdowns began. But the ERLC has not lifted a single finger in any legal way to help churches facing government closures. If anything, Moore has consistently sided with the government against Southern Baptist churches trying to stay open amidst a largely undeadly chest-cold.

The amicus brief the ERLC filed in support of a New Jersey mosque as well Dr. Moore’s response to a messenger who questioned him about this at the 2016 meeting. To begin with, in this court filing, the ERLC demonstrated consistency with Baptist history and the Baptist Faith and Message. 

As I pointed out at the time, this move from Moore had NOTHING to do with religious freedom, but ingratiating his version of the Popularity Gospel and being given accolades by the leftists in the Beltway, for whom he lives to please. So far as SBC polity goes, the ERLC website says its mission to is advance and protect the liberty of SOUTHERN BAPTISTS. He’s not paid 4 million dollars to help Mosques open.

Moore’s support for attending homosexual wedding showers and receptions. I’ve personally heard Moore speak to this issue. Without question, it’s a hard one. 

The hell it is.

It is literally not a hard question as to whether or not a Christian should attend a celebration of sodomy and a ceremony profaning marriage. Is Miller serious? Judas. Priest.

Can we all just admit that if our resident “ethics” guy says it’s okay to go to a faggy vow ceremony that he ought be given a pink slip? Ethics 101 would require not calling that which is evil, good (Isaiah 5:20).

Listen, folks. This type of moral preening from men like Mike Miller should be rejected as quickly and as vociferally as Russell Moore can ask his peons to write it. I’m way to busy pastoring a church and lobbying in Helena for pro-life, pro-child, and anti-censorship legislation to countenance this level of morbid jackhattery with a carefully censored tongue.

Literally damn these people. They’re not brothers in Christ. They’re not ignorant pagans. They are intentionally deceptive warriors fighting on behalf of the devil himself.

This Scripture suits men like Mike Miller well…

Yet she increased her whoring, remembering the days of her youth when she played the whore in the land of Egypt  and lusted after her lovers there, whose genitals were like those of donkeys, and whose ejaculate was like that of horses (Ezekiel 23:19-20)


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7 thoughts on “[Insert Flame Emoji’s Here] Mike Miller of Central Baptist Church in Jacksonville TX Should Resign His Pastorate

  1. I don’t think the term ‘stenching b****s’ should ever be used in the same sentence as ‘holy Gospel’. Try getting your point across without overlaying the profane with the Holy.

    1. Should the writer of Hebrews not have gotten his point across without overlaying the profane with the holy?

      Hebrews 10:29 How much worse punishment, do you think, will be deserved by the one who has TRAMPLED UNDERFOOT the Son of God, and has PROFANED THE BLOOD of the covenant by which he was sanctified, and has outraged the Spirit of grace?

      1. I don’t see anything in the Hebrews passage that is remotely like the language used in this article. There is an oblique reference to the profanity, but it is not spelled out in graphic detail. What it does say, however is that profaning the blood of the covenant has outraged the Spirit of Grace. I’m quite sure this article does the same thing.

        To be sure, both Christ and Paul made oblique scatological references from time to time, but not in a graphic, provocative and disgusting way.

        Hebrews 4:29 ESV: “Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear.”
        Colossians 4:6 ESV: “Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how you ought to answer each person.”
        Ephesians 5:4 ESV: “Let there be no filthiness nor foolish talk nor crude joking, which are out of place, but instead let there be thanksgiving.”

        My assumption is that the article is more likely to be read by believers than not. Does the imagery used in the article seem edifying? Might God be offended by such talk?

        1. “Trampling underfoot” Christ’s blood is a horrific idea implanted in the minds deliberately by the writer of Hebrews. Clearly it is not unbiblical to engender such horrific thoughts in the minds of readers. You are rendering a judgment against the use of the word “stenching bowels” but upon what standard? You say it is wrong to employ graphic detail? Why then does God Himself use such disgusting graphic detail to illustrate how our best works are filthy menstrual cloths in Isaiah 64:6? Or what about God using language such as this: “You built yourself a high place at the top of every street and made your beauty abominable, and you spread your legs to every passer-by to multiply your harlotry” (Ezekiel 16:25)? Does your personal interpretation of verses like Hebrews 4:29, Colossians 4:6, and Ephesians 5:4 lead you to condemn God and His prophets for their use of such words?

          1. John I’m talking about mixing the holy with the profane, but the point is clearly lost on you.

            “Does your personal interpretation of verses like Hebrews 4:29, Colossians 4:6, and Ephesians 5:4 lead you to condemn God and His prophets for their use of such words?”

            No – it leads me to condemn Jordan Hall who is clearly not God.

  2. Great article however it would be better without the language used, we teach our kids to be firm and strong however to refrain from cursing…thanks

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