Social Media: Where You Can Find Us

With fake accounts “roaming throughout the earth, going back and forth on it,” we wanted to provide a list of all our official accounts on social media and alternative social media, so that you can know where we spend time.

As more and more people either intentionally jump from Facebook and Twitter or do so out of necessity after being blocked or banned by these juggernauts, it’s important that as these new sites coalesce and gain popularity and market share, that we have a presence. As such, we will update things accordingly as news ones or old ones wax and wane. For now:


MeWe here . Parler here. Gab here

He also can be contacted via email at or on Telegram, the messaging app. 

He closely interacts with any Patrons, here

Though he runs, oversees, or has his hands in multiple websites, the main three are Protestia here, Montana Daily Gazette here, and Pulpit & Pen here

He can also be seen on our Protestia YouTube page.


We post to a variety of social media sites. While we usually share the same content across all channels, we routinely interact with people on our main Facebook page That’s where all the cool kids hang out, and where we are the most receptive to interacting.

Our previous Facebook page is but we are winding it down and don’t post there anymore, as it’s hanging by a thread with the censors.

We also post to the following sites.

Gab under @protesia
MeWe @protestia
Twitter @protestia
Parler @protestia

We can be emailed at

As usual, because we are cockroaches to the glory of God, we are unable to be squashed as we keep on carving out a new home wherever we can. Powered by our patrons who make it all possible, we have backups and multiple contingencies in place for every eventuality.

In short, there’s no one doing quite what we’re doing, and no one able to crush us underfoot.

And all God’s people said…?

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