How Marxists Invaded Evangelical Christianity

This presentation from JD Hall was given at the Stand Against Marxism conference, and this is the first time the video has been released.

How Marxists invaded evangelicalism with Critical Theory is explained, along with Marxism’s Satanic roots. Hall discusses “Resolution 9” in the Southern Baptist Convention, the Cominterns of The Gospel Coalition like Tim Keller and Ligon Duncan, the Democrat-takeover of the SBC from Russell Moore, and he traces the historic development of:

* Marxism
* Frankfurt School “Cultural Marxism”
* Critical Theory
* Intersectionality
* Liberation Theory
* Black Liberation Theology

Watch below.

1 thought on “How Marxists Invaded Evangelical Christianity

  1. Read the “communist manifesto” and ” The protocols of the learned elders of zion” -Texe Mars-RiverCrest Publishing) do not read any zionist publishers of the book because they have tampered with the protocols and say they are forgeries. Communism is a Jewish invention and comes from Babylon……………………….

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