John MacArthur Accused of Covering Up COVID-19 Outbreak at Grace Community Church

A muckraking, feminist reporter quotes anonymous and pseudonymous sources to accuse the pastor of trying to cover up a COVID-19 outbreak in his congregation.

Julie Roys has a journalistic resume’ that competes for accuracy with a three-legged blind squirrel in a nut-finding contest. To our knowledge, Roys has gotten two stories fundamentally correct, one which happens to be the story that launched her from boring mid-day talk show host on Moody Radio to a disgruntled, spasmodic crusader hell-bent on crushing anything with XY chromosomes when she gets the mind for it.

Roys is best known for her tussles with megachurch pastor and seeker-friendly kingdom-builder, James MacDonald – a money-grubbing, two-fold son of hell in his own right. Her reporting on MacDonald, which was stellar, eventually led to his (temporary) downfall and dismissal from Harvest Bible Chapel which he unceremoniously bankrupted on the way out.

But like a blind squirrel who only occasionally finds a nut, (we give her Ravi Zacharias too) Roys has since been on a crusade commissioned by the Great Awokening, and the hysterical berserker has been chasing ghosts of conspiracy ever since. Fundamentally unable to differentiate between a good pastor and a bad one, Roys has frequently relegated herself as the undisputed queen of the He-Man Woman Haters Club and journalistic BFF of the Survival Gals.

Earlier today, Roys released a post entitled, Members of John MacArthur’s Church Say They’re Being Pressured Not to Report New Covid Outbreak.

MacArthur, the elderly pastor whose church has bravely and clearly articulated the importance of corporate worship over-and-against a fear-mongering Nanny State, has been a target of Roys since she first went on her post-Moody warpath. Ironically, MacArthur was warning us of the dangers of James MacDonald while Roys and the rest of the media was still fawning over the shadow of his spiritual savviness.

Roys reports…

“…a GCC leader who wanted to remain anonymous for fear of losing his job says staff and members are being pressured not to report new COVID cases to the health department for fear of being shut down.”

Roys goes on to allege that in the super-secret interview with the super-secret Grace Community Church (GCC) staff member, it was revealed that several staff members have contracted COVID-19 in addition to two Masters Seminary professors and some in the church’s Filipino ministry.

The reporter also cited a pseudonymous blogger named “Zorro” who claims that seven staff members got COVID-19 at a GCC Christmas Party earlier this month and all have symptoms (the likelihood of seven people with COVID-19 all being symptomatic is incalculably unlikely considering it has an 85% asymptomatic rate).

Julie Roys is citing a pseudonymous blogger named “Zorro.”

Let that sink in.

Meanwhile, we’ll remind you that Grace Community Church has seen attendance upwards of ten thousand on Sunday morning. A few church members and staff members with a virus that everyone will get (the health “experts” have told us this from the beginning) is hardly an “outbreak.”

We’ve reported on Roys’ reckless abandon of truth on multiple occasions. We first warned you that she was becoming untrustworthy in February of 2020 in the post, Julie Roys Journalistic Integrity in Question After Referring to Fringe Feminist as ‘SBC Insider.’

Meanwhile, her claims are being refuted by non-pseudonymous senior staff who have track-records of impeccable honesty.

Roys has managed to hot-flash her way into molehill renovation and advertised a much ado story that wouldn’t be shown the light of day in a trustworthy news publication. She went on to claim that MacArthur has fostered a “culture of intimidation” by dismissing COVID-19 as comparable to the flu (by all accounts, it is), irrespective of the lack of any grounding in reality depicted by someone not named Zorro (or not named at all).

While it would be insanely implausible that no one in a church the size of John MacArthur’s would have COVID-19, it’s equally implausible that a church as open and transparent as Grace Community Church is harboring a North Korea-level information suppression campaign in the heart of the Los Angeles metro area.

History will judge the Chicken Littles of the world who frantically hen-pecked common sense and level-headedness during a pandemic of unparalleled deceivery.

Roys quoted the anonymous staff-member, “People have been put at risk. People endangered. And I pray it doesn’t turn into a huge outbreak that (MacArthur) is ultimately responsible for because he’s not taking the steps to control it.”

Here’s a newsflash for all the Karens of the world; nobody can “control it.” It’s a virus. And while it’s not quite the flu (it’s more similar to a severe cold), it’s going to get to all of us eventually, and most will have to be tested to know that they have it.

Meanwhile, it’s best to ask the question why a Christian reporter is piling on persecution heaped upon churches who just want to have the same right to conduct their affairs as Planned Parenthood.

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