Julie Roys Beclowns Herself Going After John MacArthur (Again)

I hesitated to even write this article, lest we continue to increase attention for what Phil Johnson so accurately called “scandalmongering twaddle.” The start of this was covered last week, but many of the following points can’t be made often enough.

Julie Roys, the long-discredited pal of conservative stalwarts (ahem) like Karen Swallow Prior and Wade Burleson, launched a fresh attack on John MacArthur and Grace Community Church for daring to not report their church members’ prayer requests and private medical information to the state.

Apparently given a copy of a prayer request list from the Sojourner’s Fellowship Group at GCC (which contained health-related prayer requests – some regarding COVID-19), Roys gleefully rushed to her keyboard to express her outrage for the church (or its members) not sending a report of their prayer requests to the government:

A document obtained by The Roys Report shows John MacArthur’s Grace Community Church (GCC) last week knew of at least a dozen people in one of its fellowship groups with COVID-19.

However, there’s no evidence these cases were reported to local public health officials. This, despite an order requiring churches to report when at least three coronavirus cases are identified among a church staff or congregation within a 14-day span.

Roys’ blog has published a multitude of articles chronicling Dr. MacArthur and GCC’s “defiance” and “mocking of distancing and masks” (for the record, masks and distancing don’t work). She took a swipe at MacArthur back in March because a 90-year-old passed away after attending ShepCon and was later confirmed to have been exposed to the novel coronavirus. Apparently, GCC’s warning to attendees that they might have been exposed came a couple of days too late for Roys’ preference.

Her website publishes articles that are uncritically accepting of the government narrative on the so-called coronavirus pandemic – the same government that has lied continuously since the beginning of the virus and trampled the civil rights of Christians and non-Christians alike. She has been supportive of the “God isn’t bound to location” idea that is fine with so-called “online church.”

Let’s be clear about what Julie Roys is advocating. She believes God calls the church to lock believers out when the government says to, and on the off chance that the church gets the government to abide by the first amendment of the Constitution, the church should subject its members’ prayer requests and private medical information to the government.

News to Julie: The Church of Jesus Christ is not called to be the Gestapo for Gavin Newsom or any other would-be Caesar. Submission to governing authorities does not involve submitting our worship practices for their approval. A prayer list is neither proof of dangerous coronavirus spread nor evidence of a crime. We have one King, and He did not give anyone else authority over his Church. What you are calling for is horrifying.

While Roys has done some very good work in exposing church scandals like those perpetrated by James MacDonald and Harvest Bible Chapel, her simmering feminism roared into full force after John MacArthur told Beth Moore to go home last year. Roys calls herself “complementarian,” as if the term has any real meaning anymore in terms of the roles of men and women in the Church, yet she consistently platforms theological liberals and women preachers (she’s admitted that being on the radio helps fulfill her desire to be a preacher). Most egregiously, she refuses to call women pastors out for their blatant violation of God’s Word.

Now she’s running short of MacDonald-like scandals (yes, Jerry Falwell Jr. is disgraced and Ravi Zacharias is dead), so she is trying to remain “relevant” on John MacArthur’s coattails.

My advice to her: Stop embarrassing yourself trying to slime a faithful preacher and man of God like John MacArthur, and perhaps study up a little bit on how much of a fraud the COVID-19 “pandemic” is.


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4 thoughts on “Julie Roys Beclowns Herself Going After John MacArthur (Again)

  1. God will destroy all those who get rich from selling the Gospel. Anyone who associates or defends ministers who live a lavish lifestyle will meet the same fate. The Gospel is no longer given freely without cost but is a way to get rich through merchandise.

    Moses, John the Baptist, as well as the disciples showed how a minister of God should live by renouncing the world and its pleasures in order that they may obtain a better resurrection.

    You cannot serve God and mammon. Jesus said that whosoever wanted to become the greatest must become the servant of all. A servant does not concern himself about material possession but how he can serve others. How many poor people does MacArthur personally serve at his houses?

    Does he allow anyone who wants to just wander in from off the streets? or is his homes in a gated community unable to be reached by the common man? A man of God is to be beyond reproach and an example of how to live a Godly life when one is without means and influence.

    May God deliver His people from those who only care about themselves.

    I ask you to prayerfully consider what I have written as it is not done out of hatred but a desire for those who preach or minister the Gospel to repent of desiring the things of this world beyond their needs.

  2. Desiring things of this world beyond their needs??? Is a preacher/teacher supposed to live in poverty, wearing only sackcloth and ashes? I do not have a problem with someone who acquires wealth, in fact God extends blessings to those who preach the word. I did a little checking, after I listened to the podcast where Justin Peters interviewed Phil Johnson. It was very easy to find addresses of Pastor MacArthur and Julie Roys. Let’s start with the Pastor. I was able to confirm (via the internet) some facts stated by Phil Johnson. Pastor has lived in his home for 40 years. It was built in 1980. He most likely built it for about $100k. I confirm this by looking up home prices from 1996 to the present. So it should not be surprising to anyone that his home is now worth about 1.2 million. Thats inflation, especially in California (just watch a few HGTV episodes of Flip or Flop). I found Ms. Roys home address too. It was easy, so her claims of being doxed are pretty mute. Her website about information says she lives in chicago with her Husband Neal. A quick internet search and I found it. Her home is very comparable to the Pastor; 5 bedrooms/4 baths 3,000 sq ft. I would venture to guess Ms. roys feels she lives an average mid to upper middle class lifestyle. I would bet she and her husband enjoy the things of this world too. Who doesn’t. The question I have is who would more likely to give it all up for God, Jesus and Truth. I have followed the teachings of Pastor MacArthur and have never found him to be out of touch with a biblical worldview, as so many of the prosperity preachers are. I would venture to guess He would be the first to give up all his worldly goods if he had to choose between them and Jesus. Pastor MacArthur has never been involved in any scandalous behavior, if he had, it would be found out. They always are, you can’t keep that kind of lifestyle a secret. Ms Roys needs to examine her motives for attempting to disparage a Faithful Teacher of God’s Word. Slander is a sin too. So is coveting your neighbors goods. None are good, all are sinners. Which is why we need our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

  3. To the last person who commented Linda! Thank you, my sentiments exactly!

    Also, John M. is a faithful servant with talents. Jesus talked about the one who hid his talent and the one who doubled it, we all know what the master did to the one who doubled his talent.

  4. Julie Roys is so hypocritical. First of all, she seems to love to show cleavage in the “professional” pictures of herself on the Internet. In one of the pictures, her outfit was so low-cut that I was shocked. Maybe she thinks she’s a Hollywood star or something. 😉

    And one time, I posted a comment on her Web site. In her response, she accused me of something I never even said. Well, when I pointed this out to her and she realized her mistake, what did she do? She immediately DELETED both my comments and hers, to keep herself from looking bad!! 😛

    This woman seems to have a huge ego. Please stay far, far away from her.

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