Carl Lentz Reportedly Dropped from Hollywood PR Firm, Says Crisis Manager

What’s the first thing a scumbag religious figure does when he’s been caught mid-scumbaggery? Well, go to “rehab.” Carl Lentz can check that off the list.

But what’s the second thing a scumbag religious figure does when he’s been caught mid-scumbaggery? Well, seek out a public relations firm who can help rebuild his reputation.

Check that box for Carl Lentz, too, who was caught having an affair (and reportedly multiple affairs and at least one sexual assault) while maintaining a culture of fear and corruption at his Hillsong New York church. That congregation is a splinter cell attached the Hillsong Australia mothership, and its leader, Brian Houston, admitted on audio that Lentz had been sleazy since at least 2017 (but he didn’t do anything about it).

Protestia has reached out to Ambulance-Chasing Reputation Salvager to the Evangelical Stars, Hunter Frederick and asked him if there was a possibility of Lentz working with him in the future.

Protestia, formerly Pulpit & Pen, has reported on Frederick multiple times. The Hollywood crisis manager has supposedly been a longtime beau of the starlet, Lindsay Lohan, and has maintained at least a professional relationship with the actress. But Frederick’s most notable contribution to the evangelical scene is his role in helping to rebuild the reputation of the church’s most notorious scoundrels.

Frederick will work with almost anyone, he claims, so long as they are sufficiently repentant. Indeed, he helped to rebuild the reputation of Perry Noble, who has gone on to plant a flourishing church (?) after his very public meltdown due to inappropriate relationships and a bout of drunkenness.

Frederick was also retained by Bethel Church to help with their “Dead Baby Scandal,” but – much to his respect – he couldn’t stomach their horridness (so it appears he does indeed have some standards).

When Protestia reached out to Frederick, he confirmed there had been some interaction between his camp and Lentz’s, although he admits that taking Lentz on as a client isn’t necessarily a sure thing.

Frederick told Protestia, “I sent him a text a month or so ago and never heard back. I just saw that he was recently dropped by a big Hollywood PR firm that I’ve shared clients with in the past.”

Frederick continued, “Several people have sent me his number after asking him if he wanted to speak with me but I haven’t heard from him.”

He went on, “I don’t know if I would represent him after hearing everything since I’d have to speak with him first and really get a handle on what else is out there and his status on repentance.”

We would suggest that if hiring a PR firm or Hollywood crisis manager is on his list of things to do, his “repentance status” is probably lacking.


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