Freemasons Launch Campaign Praising Pope for Endorsing Their Beliefs

After centuries of embracing Freemasonry, the Roman Catholic church officially banned their members from belonging to the pseudo-religion in 1738 and were subject to excommunication. There simply could not be two different religions vying for world domination that could live in harmony, Pope Clement XII argued. But in 1983 the strict ban was lifted, forbidding instead only those organizations that are currently “plotting against the supremacy of the Roman Catholic Church.” From that time forward, Romanists could join the Freemasons so long as they weren’t – technically or actively – trying to destroy Catholic faith.

As Seth Dunn has demonstrated in his book, Christianity and the Craft, Freemasonry is indeed its own religion and is incompatible with any form of Christianity (as is Roman Catholicism). The centuries-old fights between the Vatican and Freemasonry is like watching two heretics fight in a cage match.

But with Pope Francis, the rhetorical question, “Is the Pope Catholic?” – designed to answer questions in the affirmative – doesn’t make much sense. Francis may – indeed – be a Pope who is hardly Catholic, at least if doctrine means anything. This is why Francis has been charged with heresy by many leaders inside the Catholic Church, who have been noticing his constant departures from Catholic teaching.

Aside from going soft on homosexuality, incessantly worshipping a South American Mother Earth goddess, and posturing toward a position freeing women to serve as clergy, the Pope has an additional problem according to conservative Catholics…he’s got a huge Freemason fan base who are bolstering his support worldwide.

Lifesite News (a Catholic news source) reported yesterday that there is a coordinated effort among Freemasons to support Francis, largely because he has embraced Universalism – the belief that all are going to Heaven and that all people are the children of God.

The Grand Lodge of Spain put out a press release praising Pope Francis for embracing their doctrine on the universal brotherhood of man, and it can be seen here. They write…

#FratelliTutti is the latest encyclical of Pope Francis in which he embraces the Universal Brotherhood, the great principle of modern [freemasonry] ‘Recognizing the dignity of each human person, we can revive together a worldwide desire for brotherhood’.”

In particular, they are excited that Pope Francis opposes the death penalty on the grounds that we are all God’s children.

The Spanish Grand Lodge said, ““Pope Francis’ new encyclical, ‘Fratelli Tutti,’ does something that some Catholics believed could not be done: It ratifies a change in church teaching. In this case, on the death penalty.”

Additionally, the Grand Lodge of Italy has recently praised Pope Francis in a leading Freemasonic magazine. In this case, it was from embracing the ‘brotherhood of mankind’ in regard to Muslims (watch below).

2 thoughts on “Freemasons Launch Campaign Praising Pope for Endorsing Their Beliefs

  1. Will wonders never cease. I was rescued out of both heretical organizations roughly 20 years ago, and I am so grateful to the Lord. In a way, it kind of makes sense for them to team up as they both have those universalistic tendencies, especially with the current pope. I’ve always believed that to serve in that blasphemous role and allow people to call you by titles reserved for God that you had to be at really an atheist. And I think Francis is. It’s the ultimate case of the blind leading the blind into a pit.

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