Charismatic Prophetess Encourages Christians to Practice Their Exorcism Skills by Casting Demons Out Of Each Other

Like a younger version of Kat Kerr before she started smoking the electric lettuce or eating the devil’s jambalaya, Emma Stark is an up-and-coming heretic prophetess from Ireland. She founded the Glasgow Prophetic Center with her husband in 2019 and describes herself as “a prophet who hears from God’, ’a traveling lecturer in spirituality’ and ’a church pastor.‘ We’eve covered her a few times in our posts:

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Jumping on the “Deliverance Ministry” bandwagon, Stark is now offering a nine-week course on “demon busting,” where for only $49, she will “guide you in lessons on demonology, spiritual warfare, and deliverance.” After completing this course, you will be a “strategic demonbuster and deliverance warrior” and will “walk away understanding the wiles of your enemy, walking in your heavenly authority, and operating from a place of spiritual warfare sophistication.”

In a promo for her new ministry, Stark reveals that when you cast a demon out of someone, that “puts the kingdom back in” and offers that if Christians want to learn how to start in deliverance ministry, after buying her course:

I think you need to get a small group together and start practicing on each other it’s something that grows with experience.”

h/t to Revealing Truth on YouTube

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3 thoughts on “Charismatic Prophetess Encourages Christians to Practice Their Exorcism Skills by Casting Demons Out Of Each Other

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  2. The church is awash with greedy, narcissistic buffoons such as this. These people obviously have zero fear of the Lord Almighty.

  3. Emma Stark is among the worst of the worst.

    And her daughter is in on the schtick too 😒

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