Major Progress! Logos Issues New Statement About ‘The Great Pornographic Book Purge of 2024’

A Logos Bible Software’s Executive has issued a new statement regarding their company’s efforts to rid their sites of thousands of sexual and pornographic books that have long been embedded in their libraries, apologizing for allowing the perverse content on their platforms while acknowledging “our existing workflow failed at keeping illicit titles off the Logos platform.”

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While Logos and their various representatives have steadfastly refused to speak to us on or off the record since we first broke the story, Vice President of Content Product Matt Bennett gave an apology and update about the status of their efforts, buried deep in the 6th page of a forum post:

On behalf of the Logos team, I apologize for allowing illicit titles on our platform and for the time it is taking for us to get everything down. We want (and our apps) to be a safe place to study Scripture, and we’re committed to removing titles that don’t meet our standards, as outlined in our Distribution Philosophy.

Today I want to update you on a few things:

  1. First, we are actively removing inappropriate titles from our platform. We are treating this issue as a major priority, and our team is being thorough to review titles manually and electronically. Thank you to everyone who has sent products to We’ve responded to each email within one business day, and we’ll continue to respond to every title sent our way. 
  2. Second, we know our existing workflow failed at keeping illicit titles off the Logos platform, so we’re rebuilding our process to better vet and filter content.
  3. Third, we have removed and will continue removing illicit titles from the Print Library Catalog. This was a disconnect in our systems that required coordinated effort with our developers, and we will soon be able to remove titles from the Print Library at the same time we remove them from the platform. We’ve made significant progress here.

As a side note, we’ve updated the FAQs in our Distribution Philosophy to answer how publisher content gets to our platform.

Again, thank you for your patience as we work to get this right. We don’t take for granted your trust in us, and we hope to regain your trust as we improve our processes in order to bring you a broad selection of relevant, high quality content. We’ll continue to share updates in the forum thread here.

While it’s undeniable that Logos did NOT make purging the pornography a priority (despite their continued insistence to the contrary) after it was first brought to their attention by a customer seven weeks ago, and then later by us to a large audience three weeks ago, a noticeable shift occurred between the evening of March 18 and the afternoon of March 19, where we tracked at least 725 books being removed from their platforms. This includes over 320 erotic Harlequin books, as well as these gems.

Since the 19th, more books have continued to be removed at a rapid clip. In fact, we are pleased to reveal that with rare exception, Logos looks properly purged of the vast majority of sexually graphic books, and the site resembles how it should have looked when it was brought to their attention seven weeks ago. 

Notably, this recent widespread removal came shortly after we posted the aforementioned Logos books to our Twitter feed, garnering tens of thousands of views and ultimately being shared with key people at Logos, perhaps prompting renewed efforts and swift action. In any case, we are very pleased with how the site looks now and that our efforts have permanently changed the way Logos does business.

While Logos remains elusive in its commentary, there remain many, many unanswered questions. If you work at Logos and are willing to share some insights/ insider’s perspective into this illicit book fracas, please DM us on Twitter or email us at

We guarantee absolute anonymity, even under the threat of a lawsuit.

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