‘Sexual Magic for the Solo Witch,’ + A Timeline of Logos Bible Software’s Customer Service Inaction, Part 1

Yesterday, we broke the news that Logos Bible Software and their sister site Faithlife E-books were selling over 1000 titles that contained hardcore erotica and pornography that rivaled the most sordid and smuttiest of Harlequins, and that they have since apologized and pledged to take it down.

Some of our readers questioned why we did not go to the company privately with our concerns. They insisted that rather than blowing them up publicly, we should have simply shared our findings with them rather than rushing in and going off half-cocked without giving them the chance to respond.

This article exists to peel back the layers and offer some context, background, and inside baseball. It explains why we did it and how it all started with the “Sexual Magic of a Witch” and a complaint sent to customer service to Logos on February 2 by one of their long-timers users, that we’re sharing in full today.

This is in Part One.

In Part Two, we will share Logos’ customer service response.

Logos Sales and Customer Support,

Over the weekend, (Feb 2) I sent a message to your CEO, Vik, through Linkedin and the Logos platform, but I have not received a response. I have serious concerns about the material you are selling in your “Christian Bookstore.” 

As I shared with Vik, I have been an enthusiastic Logos customer for several years and have spent tens of thousands of dollars on your platform. This last week, while searching for additional books on the topic of the New Age movement, I was shocked to stumble on the fact that you are selling sexually explicit and how-to occult books!

The book that appeared in my initial search is Crimson Craft: Sexual Magic for the Solo Witch.

I looked up the table of contents and was shocked to learn that this book is about how to perform perverse sexual acts on yourself and others while using spells and witchcraft. 
This is the table of contents taken from your site:

Why would anyone studying the Bible need a book explaining how to cast spells while performing BDSM and Kink acts? Why is Logos selling books like this? This book and others like it have no place in any library, especially a Christian library. 

After making the horrible discovery above, I thought, is this a one-off, or are there more books like this in your online bookstore? I was shocked at what I found. The answer is the Quin book is not a one-off. 

Here are just a few of what appear to be 100s of erotic pornographic fiction titles currently being sold on Logos. (Read some of those titles)

 Slow SatisfactionSlow SeductionWild LicksThe Hookup PlanTaking the LeadThat Time I Got Drunk and Saved a DemonI Need a Hero Box Set: A Military Romance CollectionUnbuttoning the CEOOne Night with the CEOGetting Dirty with the CEOHard RhythmRavished by a HighlanderTamed by a HighlanderThe Seduction of Miss Amelia BellThe Scandalous Secret of Abigail MacGregorSeduced by a HighlanderConquered by a HighlanderA Highlander’s Christmas KissLaird of the Black IsleThe Taming of Malcolm GrantLaird of the MistA Highlander Never SurrendersThe Scot’s BrideHighlander Ever After

These books contain pervasive explicit sexual content, vulgar language, explicit pornographic sex scenes, BDSM, and other gross stuff. The content in these books is so perverse and vile that I dare not copy a redacted, let alone a full-text citation. The content is beyond disgusting and gross. 

Logos, you are selling some seriously dirty filth! You claim to “exist to empower believers everywhere to go deeper in the Bible through a fusion of Bible study resources and powerful technology.” The books you are selling contradict your claim.

Moreover, there are no explicit content warnings on your website! There are no content filters in your software products, and I have confirmed that this pornographic and occult content can be full-text searched in Logos 10 Gold or higher without purchase! This poses significant risks to my children. Now, I’m forced to take away access. 

Anyone (again even children) with access to Logos 10 Gold or higher can click on “Library,” click the “Add to Library” tab, and then search for any key term or book title listed on Logos.com! All the books I mentioned above can be full-text searched – again without purchase. 

Here is a reproduction of the issue. When I type in the word “sex” in Logos, I expect to find Biblical and theological treatments on the topic. What possible reason could Logos have for including “200 Questions About Sex” by Cosmopolitan or “Working Sex: Sex Workers Write About a Changing Industry” in your collection of books?

And once the book is added to your “Print Library,” you can search for any keyword or phrase. If the term is found, Logos will return nearly a paragraph of text! Again, there are zero parental controls and what appears to be hundreds of sexually explicit books.

If a determined user searches for a phrase near the end of the resultant paragraph, only 3 to 4 words are needed; it appears that a user can theoretically read any searchable book in its entirety. Here is an example of what I’m talking about. 

 “Working Sex” book, a search for “or the amateur” returns the following result.

Now, type a phrase near the end of the paragraph, like “been stuck with the epithets,” and the next section of the text is returned.

Do it again, and the text continues to progress.

And again.

I think you get the picture. This is one example. There are far more graphic titles in your collection with graphic sexual content that no one should be reading, especially Christians!

Here are two publishers Logos is working with that have an extensive catalog of romance porn books, and there appear to be others. 

Publisher: Forever

Publisher: Forever Yours

When we’re at the point where we are forced to blur suggestive book covers sold by the “world’s leading Bible study software company” website, there is something seriously wrong with Christendom.  

There are no Bible verses in this book. I checked.

How can you put up a message like this next to porn books? This is the Bible we are talking about! God’s holy word!

Besides the sexual content, your store contains non-theological/academic books on Spellcasting, Spell Recipes, Divination, Witchcraft, Astrology, Manifesting, Tarot Card Reading, New Age, and Occult Rituals – some targeting children. These are not academic or research books. Why is Logos selling this demonic material? This material is dangerous

Here are some examples: (Ed. Note, picture of below book added by us)

The Junior Witch’s Handbook: A Kid’s Guide to White Magic, Spells, and RitualsThe Junior Witch’s Handbook: A Kid’s Guide to White Magic, Spells, and RitualsThe Junior Astrologer’s Handbook: A Kid’s Guide to Astrological Signs, the Zodiac, and MoreThe Junior Tarot Reader’s Handbook: A Kid’s Guide to Reading CardsA Kid’s Guide to the Chinese Zodiac: Animal Horoscopes, Legendary Myths, and Practical Uses for Ancient Wisdom.

Publisher: Running Press Kids

None of this content belongs on the “world’s leading Bible study software.” I should not have to worry about protecting my family or my brothers and sisters from Bible software. You need to remove this content from your website. This is very disheartening, to say the least. Logos, this is unacceptable!

Please provide a response as to when it will be taken down.

Part 2 continues tomorrow.

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  1. Years ago, when it was learned that liberals were running it, it should have been known that these next steps would eventually take place. The left is in alignment on many if not most things.

  2. Some of your readers are asking why did you blow them up publicly and not address the issue under the table? The gravity of the situation required that they be blown up publicly. Thank you for doing that.

  3. Covens again.

    The American War for independence would never have been fought today if they talked it out and 50% of them weren’t even fighters because they are women.

    There is something inheritently wrong with 50% of the country is taking part in the decisions of the other 50% that are going off to war, being drafted etc. The only valid function of government, defense inside and outside. It makes defending virtually impossible, and at some point, men are going to have to take those decisions back.

    The process of poisoning the well didn’t start with letting in anti American foreigners, it started with changing government from a mutual protection society of men to an effeminent talk group.

    1. FYI this post was originally longer and tied into the news article but spam filter killed that part of it.

      Women should not be coheads of a household, taking authority in churches including voting, deciding on the defense of our country and that is the only valid role In a limited government.

      the entire country and society has been corrupted because of it, and government has been turned into a day care for infantile adults by destroying the households and man’s head of it.

      it is impossible to reform internally. men need to start making the decisions themselves, and if you are surrounded by men who won’t at least start making them in your own life and family. your the protector, and the only one who can

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