Calvin University Prez. Resigns After ‘Unwelcome, Inappropriate’ Behavior+ Good Riddance Wokester!

Calvin University President Wiebe Boer has resigned following allegations that he “engaged in unwelcome and inappropriate communication and attention toward a non-student member of the campus community,” according to a press release from the school. 

Calvin University is a Michigan-based University belonging to the conservative CRCNA (Christian Reformed Church in North America) that has been embroiled in controversy over the years, which we have documented here:

We have long argued Calvin should no longer be considered a Christian University after it compromised on issues of biblical sexual morality by allowing professors to affirm sodomy, thereby continuing its dark descent into theological deviltry.

Wiebe became President of Calvin in 2022 and is well-liked by Kristin Kobes Du Mez; definitely a strike against him, and he has been a driving force in lubricating the LGBTQ takeover of the school. 

Upon receiving the report, the University “immediately engaged outside experts to ensure that Calvin University responded to the report in compliance with our policy and legal requirements, including Title IX. After being notified of the report, Dr. Boer denied some of the allegations but did admit to sending communications that were inappropriate and inconsistent with the high standard of conduct and character expected of the President of Calvin University. Dr. Boer subsequently offered his resignation, which the Board accepted.”

Good riddance! It’s time to bring someone on as President who will right the flailing ship and purge the scourge of wokeism and wicked sexual ethics from the school once and for all. 

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