Cowards! Calvin University Caves to Pro-LGBTQ Faculty, Allows them to Affirm Sodomy and Sin

Calvin University, the Michigan-based University belonging to the conservative CRCNA (Christian Reformed Church in North America) has been lost, revealing itself to be fully compromised on issues of biblical sexual morality and continuing its dark descent into theological deviltry. 

This sad revelation comes after the school’s board of trustees voted to allow pro-LGBTQ faulty members to dissent from having to uphold the denomination’s view of sexuality and purity, and instead hold to their sodomy-loving convictions. 

Several months ago, the denomination took a step in the right direction and voted during their annual synod two days ago to elevate their opposition to homosexuality into becoming part of their confession; their very declaration of faith, with the motion passing 131-45.

This bombshell caused faculty at Calvin to freak out, including the gay-affirming Kristen Kobes Du Mez, and meltdown as only progressives can. Their ire only betrayed their dishonesty and low moral character, as a condition of employment insists these hirelings sign a document attesting that they will teach what is in accordance with the historic confessions of faith, with the faculty handbook saying that must “teach, speak, and write in harmony with the confessions.”

Instead, a bunch of professors and support staff decided to submit ‘statements of confessional difficulty’, also known as gravamina, noting they could not submit to the portion of it that says men must not have anal sex with each other.  

The board of trustees, being weak and cowardly men and women, went along with it, allowing them not to affirm it but instead remain on staff and in good standing, offering up pathetic excuses for why they caved to lost souls who hate Jesus and his word. 

Provost Noah Toly sent out an email to staff offering these pathetic excuses and justifications: “While we understand that not every member of the Calvin community will agree with every position or decision the University makes, our desire is that this be a place where even our disagreements are characterized by respect and love for one another., I am hopeful that this process and outcome can serve as a model for our students and other observers as we continue to wrestle with important issues” while the chairman of Calvin board, Bruce Los, argued that the university would only benefit from having “diverse viewpoints among its faculty while remaining committed to upholding the confessional standards of the CRC.”

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6 thoughts on “Cowards! Calvin University Caves to Pro-LGBTQ Faculty, Allows them to Affirm Sodomy and Sin

  1. Bible believers are so naïve. How did these people get in these positions of authority?…BBs acquiesced when confronted with a choice to approve or to choose someone else who was a BB. We think that opened mindedness and diversity is a good thing when it comes to our viewpoint BUT the Liberals, the progressives, the Marxists, they NEVER put a true conservative on anything. This is how, over the course of decades, these people have taken control of everything.

  2. CORRECTION: The CRCNA is not a conservative denomination.

    what would you expect from a denomination that allows women pastors, abortion for the ‘sake of the life of the mother’, chemical baby-murdering birth control, SSA ‘christians’, etc…The PRCA was right to break away from the CRC many years ago.

  3. The blind leading – and being lead by the blind.

    Matt 15:13-14
    He answered, “Every plant that my heavenly Father has not planted will be rooted up. Let them alone; they are blind guides. And if the blind lead the blind, both will fall into a pit.”

    Makes my mother weep.
    She went there in the 50’s when dating my father.
    These people are tools of the devil and live in delusion.

    John Calvin would clear the rooms…..

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