Church ‘Crucifies’ and Resurrects 1960’s Batman for Easter Play

Church of the Rock in Winnipeg, led by pastor Mark Hughes, is known for its unique Easter sermons, interpreting the death, burial, and resurrection of the Lord of Glory as Hollywood blockbusters, ranging from Monty Python and the Holy Grail to Toy Story, Star Wars, Tombstone, Indiana Jones, Robin Hood, Back to the Future, and Pirates of the Caribbean.

We last covered them after they crucified Iron Man on stage, then crucified Buzz Lightyear, and then crucified Simba. A straightforward exegesis and the proclamation of the good news of the resurrection as told by the scriptures is seemingly out of the question, and so the sermon features songs by Shania Twain, Journey, a rendition of The Devil went down to Georgia, and then God the Father represented as Superman ultimately saving the day. 

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2 thoughts on “Church ‘Crucifies’ and Resurrects 1960’s Batman for Easter Play

  1. Good grief…just when you think some of these goofy churches couldn’t possibly come up with anything more irreverent, they always do. Pathetic.

  2. Mark Hughes has ZERO on DAVID Hughes; ringmaster at Church by
    the Glades in Coral Springs. Fl. He routinly runs a three ring circus on Sundays 🎪

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