Francis Chan is Upset Roman Catholics Won’t Take Communion With Him

Francis Chan, once a Master’s Seminary grad and now a spiritually squirrely scoundrel who was last seen healing an entire village without the Holy Spirit, butchering church history, speaking at a Roman Catholic conference, and praising false teachers like Todd White and Benny Hinn, and claimed that taking communion Is basically like having ‘intercourse’ with Jesus, has released a new video upset that Roman Catholics won’t take communion with him.

Francis believes that papists and their rejection of ‘faith alone’ are believers and so he wants to take communion with them. In an interview with Our Sunday Visitor, Chan explained that a lot of Roman Catholics “love the gospel.”

We would encourage Chan to go back and read Canons 9 and 12 of the Council of Trent with an open bible turned to Romans 3 and Galatians 3. Heck, throw in Canons 14, 24, and 30 for good measure, with another hit of Romans 5. The fact that he believes Roman Catholics believe the true Gospel of Christ would be stunning if he hadn’t devolved into a mass of tearfully earnest, quivering compromise these last few years.

Yet in a May 25, 2022 interview with Remnant Radio, Francis shares that he’s been studying church history lately, and was surprised to find that all Christians basically believe the same thing for the first thousand years, which is revisionist history in the extreme. He reflects:

Maybe some people listening don’t know that there was one church for 1000 years.….So for me, I go back to that first 1000 years (of church history) where I’m trying to study and go ‘my epistemology has changed. My understanding of how to acquire truth’. I mean, I came out of seminary going, well ‘I’ve got Logos Bible software, and I go in my office, and I can study all these commentaries and the Greek and the Hebrew and come up with the right answer.’

And now I’m in my study of Scripture, I’m going well, where’s the Holy Spirit? Am I closer and isn’t truth from God? And then does the church body have anything to do with understanding truth?

And I’m looking at that first 1000 years and going ‘if there was one council, and they all agreed on something, and it’s that same truth for those first 1000 years, I’m not going to go with my opinion anymore, as superior to when the church was one, and what they believed for 1000 years. So I lean towards I’m still studying all of that. And going ‘I’m with those guys.’

Francis laments the fact that he can’t have communion with Roman Catholics, who believe in transubstantiation and the heretical belief that the bread and wine are the actual, literal, physical blood and body of Jesus. He insists that Jesus would want them to take communion together, despite their pagan sacramental practices and beliefs.

It’s dangerous to administer communion to someone who has not examined themselves….I think it’s a dangerous thing to also tell people you’re not welcomed to the table. And this is what I’m challenging some of my Orthodox and Roman Catholic brothers. Like, I get it. We have to hold this in reverence…Isn’t there any ‘wrestle’ with saying, to me whom you would say, ‘The Holy Spirit is in Francis, he is a son of God, but he is not welcome to our table? Yes, he’s welcome to the Lord’s table, but not ours.’

I mean, I don’t want to overstep my bounds, I’m just saying, I need to be careful in recognizing the body and not recognizing the body and ostracising parts of the body.

….There’s no way, to the Orthodox friends of mine, or Roman Catholics or anyone else that keeps me from the table, there’s no way you can say you believe that God wants us at separate tables. That this was his desire, this is what he wanted, that there’d be 30 different tables. Mutually exclusive. You can’t look me in the eyes and tell me that when you read the scriptures, when you pray, that’s what the Spirit tells you. This is a good thing. So I’m not saying I have an answer. But Let’s fight to figure out how to get back to one table.”

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7 thoughts on “Francis Chan is Upset Roman Catholics Won’t Take Communion With Him

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  2. I’ve only just come across this website, and I can’t believe the level of vitriol and lack of grace by someone who calls himself ostensibly Christian.

    In any case, as Catholics, we firmly believe in the authority of Scripture and the importance of interpreting it in light of the Church’s tradition and teachings. Let’s examine the points you’ve raised and see how they align with Catholic doctrine and interpretation:

    Canons of the Council of Trent: I’m not sure if you understand that the Council of Trent aimed to address specific theological issues during the Protestant Reformation. The canons you’ve mentioned were formulated in response to certain theological disputes and were not intended to be contradictory to the overall teachings of Scripture.

    Context Matters: When interpreting Scripture, context is crucial. We should consider the historical background, the audience, and the overall message of the biblical books. Both Romans and Galatians address specific theological concerns related to justification, but they are not at odds with Catholic doctrine when properly understood in the context of the entire Bible.

    Sola Scriptura vs. Tradition: While Protestants often emphasize the principle of “sola scriptura” (Scripture alone), Catholicism recognizes the importance of Sacred Scripture along with Sacred Tradition and the teaching authority of the Church (Magisterium). This holistic approach ensures a more comprehensive understanding of biblical teachings.

    Justification by Faith: Catholicism, like Protestantism, affirms the importance of faith in Jesus Christ for justification. The Catholic Church teaches that justification is a gift of God’s grace, received through faith and expressed through good works (Ephesians 2:8-10).

    As for communion, you can’t take the Catholic communion (Eucharist) unless you are part of the Catholic church. People go through classes, it’s a whole process ,before you can become one as an adult. This is the summit of the Catholic faith and it is as much to protect it’s sanctity as it is to protect the person wanting to take it who doesn’t fully understand it.

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