PCA Leader: If You Affirm The Atonement, You MUST Affirm Intergenerational Ethnic Reparations

(WokePreacherTV) Duke Kwon and Greg Thompson are still promoting their book “Reparations: A Christian Call for Repentance and Repair.” In this January 2022 conversation with Bill Haley of Coracle, Kwon and Thompson cite the Belgic Confession of Faith and the concept of Christ’s penal substitutionary atonement to argue that modern Christians with white skin owe civil judgments to people with black skin, even if they or their ancestors had no part in past generations’ transgressions against black folk.

DUKE KWON: We find in the Belgic Confession, right, this old confession from centuries ago that describes the nature of the atonement in this language, saying of Christ, “He paid back what he had not stolen.” This is the gospel. And so we’re simply called to enter into this as people of love and not to sort of pedantically try to figure out ways to identify only those who are descendants of slaveholders and, if not, then hey, you’re off the hook and be on your way. Or those who participated in the different movements of segregation, but hey, if your family wasn’t even then, you’re not, hey, look! We’re in this together, and we’re in this not just as a culpable people but a people called to love.

…GREG THOMPSON: The most important and most fundamental example of restitution is Christ himself. Anybody that believes in substitutionary atonement believes in restitution, right? They already do. Anybody that believes, as we sing in “How Deep The Father’s Love For Us,” that Christ took our sin and paid this, and suffered the consequences of sin for us already believes in the basic logic of restitution.

There’s something very confusing to me about Christians who, on Sunday, could say, “Thank God that he who knew no sin became sin for us that we might become the righteousness of God,” and then on Monday say, “I didn’t do that, so I don’t owe reparations.” That is a sign of incoherence.

… DUKE KWON: All the language of paying for our sins is reparation language. That’s actually found in scripture. So we actually talk about reparations and sing about reparations and preach about reparations every Sunday, and you never knew it, you people of reparations!

Transcript and introduction provided by @wokepreachertv, with minor edits.

8 thoughts on “PCA Leader: If You Affirm The Atonement, You MUST Affirm Intergenerational Ethnic Reparations

  1. Pay blacks one-time-payment of $100,000 each to move back to Africa.

    I would pay ( … the US dollar is all fake money printer tokens anyway. )

    The trick is blacks must take their reparations and never ever bitch again for handouts. (Lol yeah this is impossible)

  2. Wouldn’t this be akin to blacks apologizing to and giving money to random white people and Asians because of all the racist black gangbangers that have raped, assaulted and killed over the years? Statistically, the numbers are very high, and are certainly more recent.

    This is obviously a way to divide by ethnicity, just like the objectives of the left. We are one in Christ.

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  3. Atonement works because Jesus voluntarily went to the cross. “He paid back …” means “He [voluntarily] paid back [of His own free will] …” If Jesus had not willingly and voluntarily gone to the cross, there would be no atonement.

    There is nothing stopping you gentlemen from privately setting up a fund where you can hand out funds from any and all who voluntarily give them, to any and all whom you deem to be deserving. You go right on ahead and do that. Nobody’s stopping you. But one thing you can’t ignore is the fact that if you were to take from some by force in order to give to others, then you have simply committed theft, have violated the 8th Commandment, and nothing more. The one from whom you stole has done nothing of significance of their own accord.

    Two wrongs do not make a right. Your arguments only work if the restitution is both private and voluntary.

    1. You gentlemen sing “He could’ve called ten thousand angels” and you miss the basic logic. What He did, being God, He did voluntarily. Who can force God Almighty to do anything He doesn’t want to do? Everything He does is voluntary.

      There is a big difference between voluntary charity and compulsory theft and redistribution. It’s nowhere near the same “basic logic” – not even close.

  4. Why don’t we see these two guys leading the way and handing over the deeds to their homes as well as the funds in their investment accounts? Most of our ancestors arrived in America in beyond that time in our country’s history. And why aren’t they more concerned about the slavery that’s going on now in the world, including in several African countries or something could be done.

    The other thing is how could you not see we already have reparations in various forms including government jobs (with incredibly generous pensions), affirmative action, preferences for college admission and the scam that was BLM that enriched the leaders of it along with their friends/families, etc.

    The problem is if such a thing were arranged, as ridiculous as it is, it would never end. Ever notice how a lot of former pro athletes, especially football players, wind up broke even after becoming multi-millionaires? Why is that?

  5. So…if we’re going on the concept that common ancestry is the means by which reparations to and from are determined, where are mine? Considering that my mother’s people were slaves in Egypt for centuries, should not these descendants of Africa pay me first? If we go further down the rabbit hole and entertain the admittedly ludicrous notion that Sub-Saharan Africans, i.e.: “Black” Africans, were the “True” Egyptians, then this becomes doubly nonsensical for me.

  6. Apologizing and paying for someone else’s sin is a foreign concept being “eisegeted” into the text by this liberal fake pastors. My apologizing for someone else’s infractions does nothing. I didn’t commit the sin therefore my apology does not cover anything. It’s useless. Much as paying reparations for people who weren’t the ones sinned against. Let’s cut the facade. This isn’t about restitution and repairing broken relationships. This is about money and theft plain and simple. Anyone who says otherwise is intellectually dishonest at best and at worst a liar.

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