Francis Chan Joins Priests and Nuns to Speak at Roman Catholic Conference

Author and evangelist Francis Chan has joined forces with the Roman Catholic contingent, appearing as a guest speaker at a major Catholic conference and continuing to give evidence that he’s putting on his floaties and taking one step closer towards the bank of the Tiber river, dipping in his toe and ready to swim across to Rome.

Chan, once a Master’s Seminary grad and now a spiritually squirrely scoundrel, was last seen healing an entire village without the Holy Spirit, as well as butchering church history by declaring that for the first 1500 years of Church history, “Christians all believed the same thing” – a position that he has begun to publicly ruminate is very attractive to him.

The latter lament was particularly telling, showing the draw Chan has towards the Roman Catholic Church. In the conversation with Greek Orthodox convert Hank Hanegraaff linked above, Chan visually struggled and wrestled with where to land with his faith, with every word showing he’s about 2 years away from embracing the Pope.

The trajectory is clearly there. Last year he gave a childlike, disoriented sermon that was laden with Roman Catholic propaganda talking points, where he told the congregants:

I didn’t know that for the first 1,500 years of Church history, everyone saw it as the literal body and blood of Christ. And it wasn’t until 500 years ago that someone popularized the thought that it’s just a symbol and nothing more. I didn’t know that. I thought, ‘Wow, that’s something to consider.’ … For 1,500 years, it was never one guy and his pulpit being the center of the church, it was the body and blood of Christ.

It was that sermon that caused Curtis Martin to reach out to Chan and invite him to speak at the Seek21 Conference. Martin is the founder and CEO of FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students) – a Roman Catholic apostolate whose mission is to “share the hope and joy of the Gospel” and the ones who put on the event.

In an interview with Our Sunday Visitor, Chan explains that lately he’s been really fellowshipping with Roman Catholics who “love the gospel” and as a result was eager to share with them all his message at Seek21.

We would encourage Chan to go back and read Canons 9 and 12 of the Council of Trent with an open bible turned to Romans 3 and Galatians 3. Heck, throw in Canons 14, 24, and 30 for good measure, with another hit of Romans 5. The fact that he believes Roman Catholics believe the true Gospel of Christ would be stunning if he hadn’t devolved into a mass of tearfully earnest, quivering compromise these last few years.

Naturally, Francis was heavily promoted in the conference’s marketing material and was joined by a litany of top Roman Catholic speakers in the country, such as Bishop Robert Barron, Chika Anyanwu, Sister Miriam James Heidland, Lila Rose, Father Mike Schmitz, Monsignor James Shea, and Sister Bethany Madonna.

We don’t have Chan’s audio yet, but here is an example of preaching that was featured in the promo video, as if it wasn’t the most blasphemously wretched thing in the world.

Tonight, give the Father permission to celebrate you. Give the Father permission to rejoice over you. Give the Father permission to love you.

All of Christianity, what it is to be a follower of Jesus comes down to one question, does God have your permission to truly see you as you are?

Does God have your permission to truly know you as you are? And the one question that every one of us has asked this night and every night of our lives – does the Father have permission to love you tonight as you are?

Like we said.

Two years and he’s gone.


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8 thoughts on “Francis Chan Joins Priests and Nuns to Speak at Roman Catholic Conference

  1. You would be surprised how many “professing” Christians believe Roman catholics are saved. Its hard to fathom the insanity of these last days……………………………….

  2. He will talk about himself like he does in his sermons. He doesn’t proclaim Jesus alone as most don’t. It’s always at least one more thing you have to do. No surprise though. Unless you belong to Christ you cannot understand the truth.

  3. Does the Father have permission to love you? What? He didn’t learn that at ANY Christian church of any denomination. But the RCC will love a convert from evangelicalism.

    How do people get out of seminary and live as pastors without knowing about the arguments over the real presence? If he didn’t know that wait til he finds out that Mary lived a sinless life, died, rose from the grave, assumed/ascended into heaven, is the crowned queen of heaven, and by her imputed righteousness you can be rescued from purgatory! And she appears to people and gives prophecies! And you should pray hours of rosaries to Mary everyday! That’s what the apparition to St Dominic said in the 12th century, so get on with it. Or Michael the archangel and his exploits! Or the rest of the hoard of intercessors. Mr. Chan has many new discoveries in his future.

  4. The blind leading the blind. Leave them be. If Chan is that clueless, it tells me he was never a Christian to begin with.

  5. I pray God will grant him repentance and genuine faith in Christ.

    And, as ever, that His people would grow in knowledge of Scripture, and, hence, discernment.

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