Apologist Sye Ten Bruggencate Leaves Public Ministry After Admitting to ‘Moral Failing’

Sye Ten Bruggencate, the Christian apologist best known for advancing presuppositional apologetics for the layman via his film “How to Answer a Fool” as well as numerous debates with atheists, announced on his Facebook that he has been disqualified from ministry due to a ‘moral failing’, and would be deleting several of his social media pages as a result.

Explaining that he is “sorry for the shame my sin has brought upon the name of Christ and for the hurt I have caused,” Sye will spend the next season of his life under the care of his church elders, and likely will never be involved in public ministry again.

He writes:

It is with great sadness that I must inform you that I have been guilty of moral failure and will no longer be involved in public ministry. I have spoken with the elders of my church, and they have determined that my sin disqualifies me from the ministry.

This means that I will no longer be involved in teaching, preaching, or apologetics. I am sorry for the shame my sin has brought upon the name of Christ and for the hurt I have caused. Please pray for me.I have submitted myself to the care of the elders of Faith Presbyterian Church, Tillsonburg.

If you have any questions please email my elders at faitharpelders@gmail.com

This post will remain on my private page until I delete my page this evening, but will remain on my public page which my Session will now be controlling.


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9 thoughts on “Apologist Sye Ten Bruggencate Leaves Public Ministry After Admitting to ‘Moral Failing’

  1. Just how deep and wide spread is this corrupted sin filled Christiandom?So glad GOD is bringing these sins out into the open. WHAT shame they have brought to our Holy Holy Holy GOD.

  2. We all fail morally every day. Anyone who says otherwise is either self-deceived or a liar. Or both. All we can do is repent and pray God has mercy on us. While it is most distressing to see these high profile Christians (so-called) fall. It is even more annoying to read comments from other Christians acting holier than thou and acting like they don’t fall every day too. I’m not talking about Protestia (it’s good that they are reporting this news) I’m talking about the keyboard warriors at home acting as though they’ve never sinned before.

    1. Well said John, we are all sinners, men can be vulnerable too believe it or not, my goodness we all have needs and it sounds it been blown out of proportion, Sye is a good man, gave his career up nursed his mum till the end, he needs a break

  3. Unfortunate, but good on him for stepping down, apologizing, and putting him under the care of his elders.

  4. Lol I for one am fuckin glad
    Sue ten has been spouting the same word salad bullshit and dressing it up in fancy philosophical language for ages
    Had 1 or 2 interactions with the idiot personally and he literally refuses to admit fault and jumps to ad hoc when you point out a flaw in his arguments

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