Benny Hinn’s Wild Money Grab Causes Co-Host to Lose It

If you have time to burn and don’t mind watching a pathologically unfunny tv show, you can go on YouTube and watch videos of Saturday Night Live actors breaking characters during their skits, unable to handle what is being said while keeping a straight face.

If you want to see false teachers do it, breaking character in response to how much slick scripture twisting is happening, you can check out the first 6.5 minutes of this video from arch-heretic Benny Hinn.

Release on March 6, 2022, Hinn surrounds himself with several fellow hucksters to discuss and pray for Ukraine. One man isn’t able to handle the audacity of it, which is Bishop Clarence McClendon. According to his website, McClendon is “recognized as a prophet and an apostle to the nations” who has a “clear prophetic voice” which he uses to “fulfill the apostolic and prophetic call to the nations of the earth through healing crusades and conferences ministering the healing grace and miracle anointing of Jesus Christ.”

As Hinn explains that sowing seed into his ministry will protect people from World War III, McClendon can’t take anymore and the smiles, smirks and facial expressions come out. Particularly at the 2:20-minute mark.

h/t to Steven Kozar of the Messed Up Church. There is more commentary and context after the initial 6.5 minutes that is worth the listen.

1 thought on “Benny Hinn’s Wild Money Grab Causes Co-Host to Lose It

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