Benny Hinn Mows Down a Bunch of Missionaries

Rank heretic Benny Hinn, the money-grubbin’ prosperity preacher who was last seen offering invitations to his birthday party for $5000 a person, took some time to mow down a bunch of missionaries by ‘slaying them in the spirit’ during a recent church service, zapping them all with a flourish of his hands.

It’s all theater, of course, and has nothing to do with biblical Christianity, but rather a sad testament to the feeding and fanning of the flesh.

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2 thoughts on “Benny Hinn Mows Down a Bunch of Missionaries

  1. I’ve read testimonies from individuals who were completely unaffected by Hinn and others wielding unclean spirits because they were actively praying to God/Christ to protect them.
    The Lord Almighty is not a God of confusion/drunkenness.

    1. Sadly, those who do not fall are often shamed and mocked for not being in touch with God, and/or resisting the Holy Spirit. If they are not sufficiently securing in the Lord, then this shaming actually causes damage to their walk.

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