Benny Hinn is Inviting You to His 70th Birthday Bash, and Tickets are Only $5000

Last year we revealed that Benny Hinn’s ministry is broke, with the World Healing Center Church (WHCC), otherwise known as Benny Hinn Ministries, embroiled in financial difficulties for years. The prosperity preacher and arch-heretic’s ministry is, thankfully, millions in debt. Twenty years ago, WHCC had nearly 400 employees working for them – little minions spread across several countries and continents that fueled the heresy-making machine. With WHCC reduced to a shell of its former self, they are only staffing a little over 20 people in a rundown headquarters next to an empty parking lot. 

Hinn gained a bit more prominence two years ago when he supposedly repented for preaching the prosperity gospel. It was all a ruse that undiscerning Christians swallowed wholecloth. Within weeks, however, he was right back at the same old message, doing more of the same while giving a masterclass on how to devour widows’ houses. Some things never change.

Hinn announced on his website that he was throwing a Gala at the swanky Ritz-Carleton in Dallas, and paying members of the public were invited:

What an exciting, historic evening is planned for Pastor Benny Hinn’s 70th Birthday Gala! Your presence is cordially requested to this exclusive, invitation-only, reservation-required, limited 500-seat event to be held on December 3, 2022.

This remarkable Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star Hotel was chosen specifically for this historic birthday celebration because of its legendary service, signature amenities, and Lone Star State-inspired luxury.

Dining for the evening, led by Chef Dean Fearing, the “father of Southwestern cuisine,” will feature a sumptuous three-course meal that includes his signature salad, your entrée choice of grilled filet mignon or cilantro-crusted salmon, and for dessert the famed Ritz-Carlton cake.

The unforgettable evening of glittering ambiance will be filled with special guest appearances (including surprise guests), praise and worship, and a lifetime of memories.

Register now to bring your family and friends for this once-in-a-lifetime experience as we commemorate the memorable milestone spotlighting seven decades of Pastor Benny’s life as well as the celebration of his 48 years in ministry!

Total attendance is limited by space to 500 guests, so it is crucial for you to select your registration preference now:

It’s not cheap. While you can get nosebleed seats meal for $150, he’s also offering $250, $1000, $2500, and $5000 upsells, each with a few perks to pad the ego.

Sadly, the top seats are already sold out. Still, their value is all the more questionable when considering that they don’t include a ‘plus one’. It’s $5000 per person or $10,000 for a couple. Furthermore, the tickets don’t include a complimentary hotel room. Hinn specifies that this is excluded, which is unfortunate given that rooms at the hotel run between $800-$1200 a night. Lastly, the ticket includes an exclusive invite to an “inner circle conference”, but you have to pay for your own flight.

The ‘Emerald’ tickets are also sold out. However, once you consider that they share identical perks as the $5000 tier, you realize the only difference between the two is how closely you get to sit next to him.

With the event just announced, some platinum, gold, and silver seats are still left for those wanting to honor and celebrate this theological degenerate. Sadly, they will likely be snapped up soon.

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7 thoughts on “Benny Hinn is Inviting You to His 70th Birthday Bash, and Tickets are Only $5000

  1. What are you gonna do—come on man!
    I’ve entertained you for years. Made some of the most outlandish prophecies and look at my hair!?
    If that doesn’t warrant 5 g’s to come to my party then what does?
    And besides, I’ll have the hookah pipes blazing. Some come on down y’all and let’s party 🎉 till we drop 😂

    1. That’s what you keep telling us, Markus. I guess you’re a goat to because you keep coming back for more?

      1. Also, I don’t come here to be edified or educated. For those very important things I go to a real Church and read the Bible.

  2. The saddest part of this story is the fact there are so many people willing to support this narcissistic opportunist huckster. A sad indictment of the times we live in.

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