Two Weeks Ago, Benny Hinn Prophecied ‘Peace Will (Soon) Come Between the Palestinians and Israeli’

Rank heretic Benny Hinn, the money-grubbin’ prosperity preacher who was last seen offering invitations to his birthday party for $5000 a person, released a video on YouTube a mere two weeks ago, titled ‘Monumentous Prophecy Alert‘ where he shared a major prophecy he ‘received’ from the Lord claiming that Israel would soon make peace with Saudi Arabia, followed by several other countries, and then would enjoy a time of peace and prosperity.

Hinn gained a bit more prominence two years ago when he supposedly repented for preaching the prosperity gospel. It was all a ruse that undiscerning Christians swallowed wholecloth. Within weeks, however, he was right back at the same old message, doing more of the same while giving a masterclass on how to devour widows’ houses. Some things never change. He explains:

And we were all wondering,  like, what is the next major event in the world?  We all knew revival.  It’s got to be a revival because they were all revivals in some way.  This is going to be a global revival because now Israel is making peace with its neighbors. And here’s why Saudi Arabia is important: because Saudi Arabia is coming into that group that have normal relations with Israel.  Think about Egypt has normal relations. Jordan has normal relations.  And the UAE right here and Bahrain and Sudan and Morocco and so on. And you think about there’s already nations that have come into what is called the Abraham Accord.

But when the Saudis come in,  this will be major because it will end, it will bring to an end the Israeli-Arab conflict that’s been going on over a hundred years.  Think about that.  That conflict will come to an end because Saudi Arabia is a very powerful Arab nation.  

He continues, with his prophesy from God clearly not seeing that rather than make peace, Hamas would launch it’s biggest and bloodiest attack in decades, backed by Iran and supported by countries like Turkey; killing, kidnapping, and raping hundreds of citizens. In turn, Israel would declare war on them.

So the Saudis are going to put pressure on these Arab nations to normalize with Israel. And then the report just came out today that seven more nations are going to make peace with Israel after Saudi Arabia makes peace.

This is like stunning news.  It also fulfills, by the way, what it says in Ezekiel 38 because the invasion will come.  Remember that Gog and Magog war is on the horizon down the road.  But it says that Israel will be attacked at a time when they are living in peace.  

That day is coming.  That day is coming because this will cause it to happen.  And I’m here to tell you, peace will come between the Palestinians and Israelis.  How?  Only God knows.  But it’s going to have to happen for a short time, even if not, maybe a little longer, because even the Palestinians deserve to be blessed.

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16 thoughts on “Two Weeks Ago, Benny Hinn Prophecied ‘Peace Will (Soon) Come Between the Palestinians and Israeli’

    1. Only if you believe Darby’s dispensational fantasies and that John was lying when he proclaimed Revelation to the people of his time about EVENTS SOON TO COME.
      There will be no:
      Future Temple
      Pre-trib Rapture
      7-year peace treaty

      Prepare for Christ’s return now.

        1. I wish I had a dollar for everyone of those deceived by the wholly undiscerned Red Herring/Straw Man of attacking/blaming Darby — as well as falsely associating him and his teachings with Margaret MacDonald. Not only is this gross error on their part very revealing, especially about their level of discernment — and not only do many of these same beguiled individuals mock others for being deceived and a lack of discernment — but this also leads to many other harmful beliefs.

          For kicks, and for proof, see the book: Dispensationalism before Darby ……

        2. The believers of this were very few and far between before Darby. The people of John’s day understood what he was teaching and NOBODY took this to mean 2000 years in the future.
          That being said, we can disagree on this and still meet in Heaven.

          1. There were many long before Darby, including what many deem “Church Fathers.” It is true that many did not speak or write about this during the “Dark Ages” and such, as to do so would result in severe punishment from the Catholic Church, including being burned at the stake, etc. This misleads people in to thinking no one believed in Pre-Mil / Pre-Trib.

            You could do the research yourself, or just read a book like the one I mentioned that lays out all of the evidence for you. Better yet, we could just look to the Scripture themselves, and use a Red Herring/Straw Man, and others could admit they have been duped by redirecting the focus on to a person or two, falsely.

  1. Thanks for allowing me to go to heaven since I don’t embrace your reformed view of eschatology.
    The difference in my view and yours is I consistently interpret the Bible ‘literally’ and you do not.

    Think about that

    1. No one allows entry or restricts entry into heaven

      But you are unable to interpret Matt 24:34 ‘literally’ when Jesus said “Truly, I say to you, this generation will not pass away until all these things take place.”

      Your weak scholarship is revealing itself. Please bring any argument. Your gibberish is just embarrassing

      1. I’m no scholar like you, in fact I never passed anything past the 8th grade and that’s okay, God has been more than able to steer me away from bad theology.

        In context its the last days , which is what ‘generation’ Jesus is referring too, it will not pass away, literally.

        Lots of good ‘scholarly’ teaching out there that shows how the reformed camp is inconsistent in how it interprets scripture. On the one hand it’s literal but when it comes to eschatology it’s allegorical. That’s why John M. believe it, he’s smart enough to realize the confusion he would present.
        Of course, your to smart for all that so who am I to question you 😂

    2. I’m impressed that you were able to type this well without the use of your right hand! (You did say you interpret the Bible ‘literally’, correct??)

      1. In that particular post I had a sandwich in my left hand, typing with my right thumb on an iPhone 5. In my truck on my lunch break, so yeah, it’s pretty impressive isn’t it😎

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