Disgraced Pastor Completes Final Step of ‘Evangelical Ministry Restoration and Reintegration Process’

Disgraced pastor Perry Noble has come full circle and completed the final phase of the ‘Evangelical Ministry Restoration and Reintegration Process’, after years of doing penance for doing some really bad things, signaling that he’s fully back in business and ready to put himself out into the Christian culture in a big way.

For the vast majority of evangelicalism, there is no such thing as ‘disqualified from the ministry’ on account of ‘no longer being biblically qualified and able to meet the strict standards the Lord has on elders and pastors’. Far from it. Rather there is an easily taken pathway to a life temporarily lost.

The ‘Evangelical Ministry Restoration and Reintegration Process’ is the system whereby disgraced pastors who get kicked out of their churches, usually for sexual sins and committing adultery, become reintegrated into Christendom and restored to their former glory, through a 10 step process.

  1. Maintain some degree of innocence innocence throughout. Admit the sin, but frame it as a mistake or error in judgement. Feel free to rail at the elders who kicked you out. Bonus for spending 2 weeks in rehab.
  2. Go silent on social media. Don’t say a word. 3 months is the minimum. 4 months is better.
  3. Announce you’re starting up a new church.
  4. Name it ‘Redemption Church/ Messed up Church/ Second Chance Church’ and make its culture all about grace and God giving second chances.
  5. Divorce wife and marry new one. (optional)
  6. Get new tattoo. (not optional)
  7. Rejoin social media and begin sharing pictures of church activities.
  8. Grow church for 2-3 years.
  9. Post about all the good things God is doing in your life and in your church.
  10. Begin speaking tour again, going to conferences. After all, You’re back, baby.

Any pastor worth his salt can usually complete the process in about 4 years. Perry Noble, being a bit of an outlier, completed the process in 5 years. A little longer than most, but he also went through step 5 and acquired a new wife, despite saying that his former marriage was not dissolving for reasons of sexual immorality, adding a year to his restoration time.

Despite losing his church of 32,000 members back in 2016, he has a new one, pushing 1500 people, and has rejoined the preaching circuit, writing on social media:

Congrats, Perry, we look forward to seeing you at the big conferences sometime this summer.

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9 thoughts on “Disgraced Pastor Completes Final Step of ‘Evangelical Ministry Restoration and Reintegration Process’

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  1. I’d so happily forgotten about him. Sorry he’s back. His mouth had been so wonderfully silent for a while. He’s in my same general area, so I’m really disgusted at this news. I expect no better out of him than what he said and did before…most likely worse. I dread to see the upcoming reports on the deception and Bible twisting I’m confident he’ll be spewing forth. Just one among the herd of false teachers.

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