Truth’s Table Podcaster and Pastrix Promotes Abortion, Purges Sermons

Pastrix Michelle Higgins, one-third of the podcasting trio, The Truth’s Table, got into a bit of trouble recently after she preached a sermon at Saint John’s Church where she prayed over her congregants of goats:Let the Lord show you the queerness of the Trinity in ways that you had not felt welcome to before,” as well as offering a prayer of supplication that they embrace “queer parenting.”

Now, perhaps in response to the negative publicity and backlash, they have Ed-Littonized all their sermons, removing all their content and leaving a big void in their wake.

The move may have been done to give cover to her The Truth’s Table co-hosts. After all, the podcast seeks a veneer of orthodoxy. It claims to be “filtered through an accessible yet robust Christian theological framework interspersed with hearty cackles and cathartic tears” and her open paganism and progressivism would not be good for co-hosts Christina Edmondson (wife of Mika Edmondson) and Ekimini Uwan.

Purging aside, another thing pastrix Higgins is known for, other than being a popular speaker that is routinely platformed by Jemar Tisby and the Witness Black Christian Collective, is being the director/chair and founding member of Action St. Louis, a “Christian” advocacy group that is “dedicated to continuing the biblical story of activism.”

Higgins has publicly stated that she “supports the work of organizations working nationally to ground local contexts in the Black queer feminist politic.” This is indisputable, seeing as how all 8 of the people who currently make up the leadership team at Faith For Justice, are either queer, trans, or non-binary. [Not a lot of diversity there. -Ed.]

Michelle Higgins is openly and rabidly pro-choice, and so is her organization. In fact, while Higgins has been relatively silent on social media since we broke the story of how woke and pagan she actually is, barely posting at all, her organization has been keeping up the work, retweeting and posting on Facebook efforts from Planned Parenthood and NARAL to promote access to abortion, supporting them in their endeavor.

Given how shockingly unorthodox she is, perhaps removing public access to her content is best.

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