Woke Truth’s Table Podcaster Michelle Higgins: ‘The Trinity is Queer’

‘Pastrix’ Michelle Higgins really showed her true colors this time, didn’t she? One-third of the podcasting trio ‘The Truth’s Table’ she recently preached a sermon at Saint John’s Church where she prayed over her congregants of goats: “Let the Lord show you the queerness of the Trinity in ways that you had not felt welcome to before” as well as offer a prayer if supplication that they embrace “queer parenting.”

The Truth’s Table is “built by Black women and for Black women” and they describe their podcast as “women who love truth and seek it out wherever it leads us. We share our perspectives on politics, race, culture, entertainment, and gender which are filtered through an accessible yet robust Christian theological framework interspersed with hearty cackles and cathartic tears.” She shares the mic with co-hosts Christina Edmondson (wife of Mika Edmondson) and Ekimini Uwan, with all parties affirming her as a sister in Christ. Even rapper Lecrae sampled the show on one of his albums.

A popular speaker, she is frequently invited to do conferences with Jemar Tisby and the Witness Black Christian Collective, speaking at his events despite having these views being known. Naturally, her website bio is well aware of this:

“Michelle is a Director and founding member of Faith for Justice, a Christian advocacy group dedicated to continuing the biblical story of activism. Faith for Justice promotes public justice actions and leads training events that connect Christian communities to Black Power movements.…Michelle actively promotes the pursuit of social justice as a gospel imperative. She participates in civil disobedience and disruption for the sake of public justice…Michelle supports the work of organizations working nationally to ground local contexts in the Black queer feminist politic.”

She is no stranger to controversy, gaining scrutiny when a series of 2016 conference comments were unearthed where she stated:

Some of you know this shirt: ‘I met God. She’s black.’ Does anybody have that shirt? I have got to get me one… Have you met God? Do you know Him? She’s black… Do you know Jesus? Jesus is a trans-person of color… Your God is not heterosexual… Your God is the deepest, most forgotten, most ignored pieces of you and of your community…

She is a ‘proud supporter of OBS’ which is the Organization for Black Struggle– a group that has as a major part of their agenda to “ensure that all women enjoy equal access to quality health care and full reproductive rights, including the right to determine when or whether they will bear children and the right to a safe, legal abortion.”

Michelle Higgins is also the Co-Director of ‘Action St Louis’, which is another group that is also vocally pro-choice, pro-LGBTQ+ and routinely posts Facebook updates and tweets about the need to support Pride week, Planned Parenthood, and the demand for ‘full reproductive justice’ and access to abortion.’

During her June 20, 2021 service, she told her congregants:

…the Holy Spirit came down and filled us with the ability to communicate with one another and to understand each other. And so what better season to celebrate that reality (Pentecost) than a season of creativity and blackness?

Against all odds, (unintelligible) every road that we trod, the creativity of the writers of this very song, and it expressed a desire to continue to be more like our heavenly family. We also celebrate in the month of June, PRIDE, that is liberated from a whitewashed version of our identities.

What is gender? What is desire? What is orientation in a way that will tell you who you should love, when and how?

We have liberated God’s Pride, in a Pentecost of the Pride of God, to say that however the Lord made you, however you identify, that is how the Lord would look upon you and smile. And so of course, as it is Father’s Day, and God, the Creator is often known to be called father, there is no better time to remind some, and inform others, that not all fathers are men, and and not all men are daddies.

…Let the Lord lead you in this month of liberated Pride, to not only redefine what is romantic love, what is relational love? What is your interpersonal love? Let the Lord lead you to queer parenting.

Let the Lord show you the queerness of the Trinity in ways that you had not felt welcome to before.

I welcome every thought, every question, every part of you that desires to reconnect with your Creator, and maybe, just, maybe it is God, the original, non-masculine, non-bodied father, who will help you to redefine what fatherhood really is. And so it is the spirit that informs us and leads us to understand all of these things that the descending of the spirit over us the presence of a dove, in the presence of a mighty rushing wind. It shows that peace requires power.

That Higgins is an out-and-out pagan is a given. It is beyond dispute. But what does it say about Ekimini Uwan and Christina Edmondson that they insist she is a faithful sister in Christ? What does it say about their relationship to the Holy Spirit that they believe someone can be actively pro-choice and pro-LGBTQ without any conviction? Or how about men like Jemar Tisby and those at organizations like the Witness BBC or the Jude 3 Project that routinely platform her?

We think it says a lot.

Bonus comments made while speaking to Sarah Fenske of STOTA,

I’m a Christian, and my values center on a Palestinian man named Jesus. And Jesus in my tradition is a person who is fully God in all power and made the decision to draw near to his favorite thing, which is people, creation.

So Jesus calls us to care about the physical. And in movement work, my ministry is to live out the’ movement mandate’, which is given to us by activist Mary Hooks, in Atlanta Georgia. (This mandate) is to avenge the suffering of our ancestors, to earn the respect of generations to come, and to be willing to be transformed by the work of shifting the material conditions of oppressed people. Now that to me is a mission…That’s my ministry mission.

…The doors of the church are open, no matter how you identify, and so we see the trans community gender-non-conforming community more embraced. And in my church, I stand up and I preach pretty traditionally black church all over the place and there is no question when I identify God as three people who long to see a liberation for everyone and no judgment for how people choose to live.

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18 thoughts on “Woke Truth’s Table Podcaster Michelle Higgins: ‘The Trinity is Queer’

  1. The outright blasphemy is astounding! Our world is flipped on its head. Lord Jesus please come get your faithful elect!

  2. I can’t believe the word ‘queer’ in the headline hasn’t (yet) drawn ‘Johnny’ like a rat to a piece of cheese 🙂
    (insert tiny flags here denoting I am neither a sexual deviant nor mentally ill)

  3. Women of color are almost on the level as Jews who are God’s chosen people. Inherently good and holy. Shame on you racists for disparaging God’s favored!!

      1. ‘Johnny’ has apparently done a lot of drugs over the years and coupled with his mid-double-digit IQ, results in quite a few embarrassing posts here. Just ignore him.

  4. It’s hard to believe what’s going on these days. Her “sermon” is bad enough, but the fact that an entire church full of people just sat there agreeing with it is worse, by several orders of magnitude. There was a time, not too long ago, when she would’ve immediately been shown the door. Mankind truly has been given over to a reprobate mind. Welcome to the foretold falling away.

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