She’s Back! Truth’s Table Continues to Partner and Promote Pro-LGBTQ, Pro-Choice Pastrix

For years, Michelle Higgins was a staple of the Truth’s Table, being one of the primary and founding members along with co-hosts Christina Edmondson (wife of Mika Edmondson) and Ekimini Uwan. The ‘Table’ was said to be “built by Black women and for Black women” and they described their podcast as “women who love truth and seek it out wherever it leads us. We share our perspectives on politics, race, culture, entertainment, and gender which are filtered through an accessible yet robust Christian theological framework interspersed with hearty cackles and cathartic tears.”

This is an astonishing claim, given the perverse paganism and blasphemies Higgins was known for, including being openly pro-choice, openly pro-LGBTQ, and openly preaching Black Liberation theology

Then we broke a few stories, chief among them is a sermon she preached at Saint John’s Church where she prayed over her congregants of goatings: “Let the Lord show you the queerness of the Trinity in ways that you had not felt welcome to before,” as well as offering a prayer of supplication that they embrace “queer parenting.” We further revealed the extent of her wickedly divergent beliefs that her co-hosts all knew about, but did nothing.

Almost immediately after we shared the story her church purged all their sermons from her and Higgins went silent on social media. Eventually, she stopped showing up at the Truth’s Table, without explanation. Previous to that post, we told her co-host several times before that Higgins was a theological hot mess, but it was only after our article came out and the avalanche of the negative press came out that they were forced to cut ties with her.

They eventually released a statement, explaining on Instagram that she is leaving them, despite being featured prominently on the cover of their new book they are still promoting.

At the time she left there was not sort of public statement issued on her theology. There was never any public rebuke for anything she said. Despite the movement and ministry doing in St, Louis with her church is teaching Black Liberation Theology and organizing pro-LGBTQ and abortion rallies to support Planned Parenthood, there is no warning to the public or to their supporters. As far as anyone could see, she was leaving on good terms, as a sister in Christ, for which they pray is blessed by the Lord in her endeavors. We said at the time:

This was cowardly and dangerous behavior from Uwan and Edmondson. This is a refusal to call out of one their own and the heresy and blasphemy she is openly espousing, silently sweeping her under the rug and washing their hands without so much even a whisper to the saints. They’re releasing a wolf that they raised since it was a cub into the henhouse, and not telling anyone she’s out for blood.

It looks like those ties haven’t been cut at all. Higgins has re-emerged and has been doing several events together with the other two.

Higgins has appeared on the last four Truth’s Table podcasts of season 6, giving us some gems like this:

You know, some of our traditions have deep roots in the black Pentecostal tradition, and (I) had found myself more situated in what was called the ‘racial reconciliation movement. But then, not long after the murder of Michael Brown Jr. in Ferguson, Missouri, I noticed and experienced the power of the Holy Spirit through the Ferguson uprisings, to move my whole family and hopefully, church community into a ministry of racial justice.

And so beyond more than handouts and charity, and things that we would call mercy ministries in the church, many of us became rooted in the cause for racial justice. And so from there, Black Liberation theology found its home, in my heart. And now I serve as senior pastor of St. John’s Church, a historic black church.”

Despite their books being tweeted out by the who’s who of woke progressive and even some more conservative folk, the fact that anyone can think these women care about biblical truth in any way, given the beliefs of their heretic friend they continue to promote and join with, shows that all parties involved are disqualified from being viewed as trusted leaders and teachers.

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