Jory Micah Announces she is Part of Antifa: Beats up Something Other than the Bible

Our favorite God-hater-disguised-as-an-angel-of-light Jory Micah has announced on social media that she is now part of Antifa (Anti-Fascists), the ironically named Portland gang and ideology known for violently clashing with police, causing mayhem whereever they go, and attacking, harassing, and beating up anyone that doesn’t agree with their grim goals and beliefs

It’s an interesting comment, given that just a few months she compared God to Hitler and said that it was Pastor John MacArthur himself who was personally responsible for ‘Radicalizing Young Men to Hate’. All this after she announced that she ditched the bible and now trusts her own ‘Inner Guidance System’.

It seems much of her musings on Antifa emerged after Worship Leader Sean Feucht had to hire security to defend his worship service, after Antifa attacked a group of Christians putting on a prayer service the day before.

As these things tend to go, she let her sympathies and beliefs be known.

We suspect she’ll fit right in, given how often she already trashes and abuses the scriptures, thumping and smashing them until they’re unrecognizable.


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13 thoughts on “Jory Micah Announces she is Part of Antifa: Beats up Something Other than the Bible

  1. John MacArthur is an American Taliban domestic terrorist! Antifa stands with true evangelicals 🇺🇸🇮🇱🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈

    1. Only godless cowards cover their faces and attack in feral mobs.
      ‘Johnny,’ do you and your soy-boy sodomite friends like to dress up and attack men, women, and children in prayer groups? If so, my friends and I would really like to personally interact with you 🙂

    2. Ah you, always commenting on political issues rathe than the Gospel of Christ, Johnny. We know your true religion, please repent.

    3. When you serve Satan, no doubt anyone who preaches the Gospel of Jesus Christ is a ‘terrorist’ to you, Johnny. The only things you ‘stand with’ is sin and perversion, and you very well know it.

  2. No fruit in these tweets by Jory Micah; just a defiling root of bitterness that has come short of the grace of God.

  3. How dare this god-hating demoniac embrace evil in the name of God. Only the criminally stupid or clinically mentally ill do not fear The Great I Am.
    Do you hear this, ‘Johnny?’
    (insert tiny flags here denoting I am neither a sexual deviant nor mentally ill)

  4. Micah has exposed herself as a name only ,unconverted ,wide path “evangelical” . Her thinking is far from that of a renewed mind.

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