Jory Micah Doesn’t Believe in Hell, Compares God to Hitler

Jory Micah continues prancing into apostasy without a care in the world, giving the world a living, breathing emblem of what it means to be wholly without the mind of Christ. Known across social media as a sensation for those man-hating liberal feminazi types who want to pretend like they still practice some form of piety while hating anything and everything about the God revealed in Scripture, she’s been on a new kick as of late.

Not particularly unique or original in her own right, she is essentially the knock-off brand of Jen Hatmaker, or perhaps the Wish version of Beth Moore, only about 20 percent more honest. Several weeks ago she explained that she does not regard the bible to be her “final authority anymore” and then took some shots at John MacArthur, saying he’s radicalizing young men into terrorist shoot-em-up-brothel style groups.

Now, Micah is openly declaring that hell does not exist.

How completely unexpected.

Bonus heretical content!

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12 thoughts on “Jory Micah Doesn’t Believe in Hell, Compares God to Hitler

  1. I appreciate her honesty — sort of. I’ll appreciate it more when she admits that despite her M.A. in Christian Doctrine that she is explicitly not a Christian. Everything she said is right out of the Big Book of Atheist Sound Bites.

  2. What’s interesting about this is how usually when people like Jory disagree with what the Bible says (think homosexuality and women leading men), they use the “it’s not written in red letters so it’s just man’s opinion” argument to invalidate whatever the Holy Spirit clearly said through men.

    However, with the doctrine of hell, there’s no way around the fact that Jesus described the awfulness and eternality of hell more than anyone else recorded in the Bible. Without the gospels and the “red letters” there would be no doctrine of hell as we know it.

  3. Any ‘teacher’ (I use the term very loosely here) blissfully dismissing large chunks of Scripture really needs to find another line of work. Seriously.

  4. I’d like to know where she got her Masters degree because they clearly didn’t use the Bible as required reading.

  5. but… God does not send anyone to hell.. they send themselves… God tells us the choices and allows us to make our own choice freely.. even though He may attempt to right us along the way.. As you can see by this woman’s writings, people will gleefully mock God and make claims against Him that are lies. No wonder God created Hell. Imagine these people in heaven for all of eternity fawning false worship as their heart remain wicked and deceitful ..

    1. Let’s take a closer look; I lifted this off her web page:

      “At the end of 2014, Jory began writing on her personal blog to a national and international audience, which led to her gaining an online following of about 40,000 people, signing on with a literary agent to write her first book, and speaking all over the United States.”

      Now. For me “40,000 people” is the troubling part. And I can’t help but wonder, how many of those 40,000 sit in church every Sunday? . . . I hope not!

    2. If that were true, no one would go to heaven if God left it up to us and didn’t draw his elect to himself. You know you’re on a Calvinist news site, right? By the way in Greek, the word for draw “helkuo” means to compel or drag. It means the same thing in other places in the New Testament where it is used.

      1. Yes. I know this is a “Calvinist news site”. Thank you. My point was no more than this: a little leaven leavens the whole lump; and just to be clear: church can’t save anyone; no “pastor preacher minister” can save anyone – God draws His elect to Himself in any way He so chooses: if He moves on a person while they are sitting in a church, good; if He moves on a person while they are listening to a “pastor preacher minister” sermon, good; but if God chooses a different route, that’s equally as good – it is: for God chooses who He chooses and He also chooses how to “helkuo” that one. So don’t get hung up on “no one would go to heaven” if they weren’t sitting in a church – that’s just not true; and in fact, take a look at the contents of that brick-and-mortar church: there is but a remnant sitting amongst all that leaven – and that was the point I was trying to make.

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