Heretical Woman Claims White Folk Adopt Black Babies so They Can ‘Enslave’ & ‘Abuse’ Them

Jory Micah continues prancing into apostasy without a care in the world, giving the world a living, breathing emblem of what it means to be wholly without the mind of Christ, despite her self-touted Master of Arts in Christian Doctrine and History. Not particularly unique or original in her own right, she is essentially the knock-off brand of Jen Hatmaker, only about 20 percent more honest.

Known across social media as a sensation for those man-hating liberal feminazi types who want to pretend like they still practice some form of piety while hating anything and everything about the God revealed in Scripture, she has been on a new kick as of late, explaining why the vast majority of white parents who adopt black babies are secretly racist.

In an extended post, she goes on to say that it is “so rare” for these adoptive parents not to be racist and abusive, because their true intent in adopting is not to love the babies, but rather so they can feel the rush of power that comes with enslaving black children, and so everyone should be naturally suspicious of any interracial families, as there is almost definitely some abuse happening there. [Editor’s note: I am going to pull a Wikipedia here – citation needed from Ms. Micah, otherwise she is just making stuff up that cannot be fact-checked.]

Sadly, this latest salvo should surprise no one, as pagans gonna pagan.

Bonus Content:
Don’t forget that given that just a few months she compared God to Hitler, said that it was Pastor John MacArthur himself who was personally responsible for ‘Radicalizing Young Men to Hate’, announced that she ditched the bible and now trusts her own ‘Inner Guidance System,’ and then explained she is part of Antifa.

Is anyone really surprised by these antics anymore? [Editor’s note: My prediction is that she is about to become even bolder in her spiritual behaviour to stay in the limelight. No, that is NOT a prophecy.]

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11 thoughts on “Heretical Woman Claims White Folk Adopt Black Babies so They Can ‘Enslave’ & ‘Abuse’ Them

  1. Micah is the worst type of Pharisee – a woke, pontificating ignoramus spouting unbiblical idiocy behind a useless MA. She is to be shunned.

  2. Yeah, I’d like to see some examples of said “enslavement” – probably asked her to clean her room and do some chores.

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