Arch-Heretic Benny Hinn Calls out Two Other Charismatics as False Prophets-‘They’re a Litte Weird’

Benny Hinn is an odd duck. To say he is a false teacher and false Christian is beyond dispute- he’s been a famed arch-heretic for decades and even though the world thought he had a “come-to-Jesus” moment a few years ago when he allegedly repented for preaching the prosperity gospel, within weeks he was right back at the same old message. He was soon after doing more of the same while giving a Masterclass on how to devour widow’s houses, which is ironic given that his ministry is pretty much broke.

Unlike other false teachers and men named Dr. Michael Brown, however, Hinn will occasionally call out other people within his camp, even if he doesn’t do it by name. Two years ago he called out Joel Osteen, saying that he wanted to punch him out for denying Christ on Larry King, and now he’s taken shots at Shawn ‘Failed Prophecies’ Bolz and Stacey ‘Head-shaking’ Campell, noting how false teachers are always “a little weird” and “unbalanced.” He explains from a July 15 2021 Facebook video tongue-in-cheek titled “Recognizing False Prophets Part 2”

Do you notice sometimes with some, not all, with some who operate in the prophetic? They’re, you, know a little weird. They’re just a little strange people. They’re not balanced people. They are very hyper. We were watching a lady a few days ago who was moving her head so much and she was prophesying, I’m wondering how can that let his head stay on? It was a weird demonstration of normality. You know Saul, King Saul prophesied and laid naked all night on the floor. Was that kind of norma? Of course not. It’s demonic.

He’s referring to Stacey Campbell. Her son previously called her out on it, saying that she makes it up the fact that when she “prophecies” she violently and vigorously shakes and bobs her head, revealing that she only behaves that way when she’s at church and in front of a crowd.

I adore Jesus beyond words, and I want to please him and I see this prophetic going on now and I’ve seen people harmed, friends of mine, friends of mine damaged. We just knew one man just a week ago, Chad and I were so hurt for that sweet man who’s a wonderful Christian. And I hear it all the time, all the time. My son-in-law Michael was telling about some guy that came to some big meeting and they found out later he was actually searching people’s material and names and information and acted like it was prophesying and it was not. And that guy prophesied from its own spirit– it says so in the bible.

What does it mean? It means they are not true prophets. They find out information like that guy who was searching people’s information and making it sound like he knew it all, giving details that were not, and are not biblical. He told a guy about a phone call he had, you remember, that same gentleman pointed at a section and said ‘there’s a guy named so-and-so over here and you were talking to so-and-so on the phone and you said so in a such-and-such thing’. And the whole crowd went ‘oh my god hallelujah’ and he was prophesying out of his own heart. It’s not in the word, it’s not in the bible, I’m sorry.”

This is a reference to Shawn Bolz, and the below featured video gives examples of him doing this.

While Hinn condemns these false prophets (though not by name) the fact is that this is contradistinction to his view of true prophets, which Hinn believes himself to be, and believes that many other Charismatic loons are likewise. Granted, calling them out is more than Dr. Michael Brown will do, as he’d probably rather renounce Christ than name names of anyone who’s not named Todd Bentley, but it also serves as a method to reinforce for his audience the claim that ‘they are bad and I am good.” when in reality Hinn is just as deceived as they are.

h/t to Brother John Elving and his excellent YouTube Channel.

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