EXCLUSIVE: Al Mohler’s SBTS Invites Woke CRT Proponent to Teach Class on ‘Black Church Ministry’

The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (SBTS) has invited a woke, Critical-Race-Theory-loving (CRT) advocate to teach a week-long class on ‘Black Church Ministry in the Community,’ leading many to wonder to what degree his left-wing biases will impact his lectures, and what this says about a Sothern Baptist Convention (SBC) Presidential Candidate who leads the seminary and insists that CRT would never seep into the hallowed halls under his watch, despite evidence to the contrary.

Dr. Tyshawn Gardner is the Pastor of Plum Grove Baptist Church in Tuscaloosa, AL. He is a recent SBTS graduate where he was pursuing a Ph.D. in Christian Preaching and Practical Theology, as well as is President of the Tuscaloosa Chapter of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.

He also tweets, preaches, and shares some very progressive things.

Last summer he preached a sermon on Psalms 126, declaring that we live in a completely racialized society, and as a result, reparations must be paid to black people by white people. Gardner explains that even for black folk who did well in school, got a nice job, have never been called the n-bomb, and who claim they haven’t experienced racism before, that they actually did, and that they need to get paid as a result.

Those things don’t mean that you have not experienced racism. It does not mean that you have received everything that belongs to you.

Let me say it this way; just because you never had it, doesn’t mean it’s not yours…the fact of the matter is what’s yours was taken from us centuries before we were born.

The fact of the matter is, in a racialized society, even those who have succeeded and succeeded well, have been affected by racism, and we need the Lord to intervene to keep the scales balanced. We need the law to intervene so that everything that was taken and everything was stolen doesn’t happen again.

His social media feed is hardly better, retweeting pro-choice Democrat Senator Raphael Warnock, and messages lauding Nikole Hannah-Jones’ supremely racist The 1619 Project.

He also takes several shots at critics of Critical Race Theory, saying that its purpose is to demolish “white supremacy” and that those who fight against it are protecting racists.

And a few more freebies, showing you where Gardner’s mind is.

Sadly, more and more and more at SBTS, these sorts of beliefs are not bugs, but features. This guy is who they want teaching a class on Black Church Ministry in the Community? Well, don’t say we didn’t warn you.


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4 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: Al Mohler’s SBTS Invites Woke CRT Proponent to Teach Class on ‘Black Church Ministry’

  1. So brave…

    I’m sure he will focus on the privileges that come along with being born in the United States and having a mother AND a father./s

    I’m not sure what’s worse, the people that enable the victimhood complex of certain groups or the members of certain groups who fall for it.

  2. So what exactly is affirmative-action supposed to be, which will never end, by the way? The whole BLM scam last year sure helped transfer a lot of wealth one group to the other getting it, especially for the leaders of the anarchist group. I mean four houses aren’t bad. That’s even more than one devout communist, Bernie Sanders has.

    If I didn’t know better, I’d think they really like capitalism and it’s benefits for them. It’s just that they want communism for the rest of us, the great unwashed masses whose purpose is to be ruled.

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