Breaking! Pastor Tim Stephens Arrested After Police Helicopters Find Secret Church Location

Canadian Pastor Tim Stephen of Fairview Baptist Church in Calgary has been arrested again for the great crime of holding a church service in Canada, being led away by the police and taken to jail in what will be his second arrest for insisting that Christ is the head of the church and determines how and when they gather, not the government.

This new arrest comes a month after his previous incarceration, where he spent a few days in jail before being released, with the charges being dropped several weeks later.

In Alberta, it is against lockdown orders to have churches at more than 15% capacity.

The church was gathered at an undisclosed location when a police helicopter discovered the gathering. It made several passes over them, crisscrossing the skies, and then left, with police cars showing up at the service minutes later. No arrests were made at that time.

After his first release, Alberta Health Services and the Calgary police showed no signs of letting up their persecution, locking the door to the church and physically shutting it down only a little over a week ago.

Pastor Stephens tweeted out on social media that he got a tip that police may be coming to arrest him, a heads up that was proven true when he was arrested mere hours ago in front of his family.

This is a developing story. Pray for Tim, his family, and the congregation.

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26 thoughts on “Breaking! Pastor Tim Stephens Arrested After Police Helicopters Find Secret Church Location

  1. Not loving your neighbor is illegal
    Romans 13
    Wear your mask, take the vax and stay home, dummies!!

    1. Yes, expecting people to continue to wear masks that do absolutely nothing according to studies from Stanford, MIT, and University of Missouri, IS not loving your neighbor. Demanding people accept your delusional phobia about a virus with a 99.8% survival rate is doing untold damage, especially to our kids, you idiot!

    2. Sure Johnny. They just released published peer-reviewed medical research showing the spike protein in the vaccine is TOXIC to the human body and does not stay in the muscle tissue at the injection site. It gets into the bloodstream and travels to major organs, the brain, and the reproductive system of men and women. You know johnny, I hope you gulp gallons of that wonderful vaccine. Stupid is as stupid does.

      1. Many of these vaccines make your body produce spike proteins, which is going to cause a ton of future medical issues.

  2. praying for you Pastor; the wilderness is meant to grow us up in maturity and build spiritual muscle. You do not build spiritual muscle unless there is an opposing force. We can certainly see this opposing force come out of the woodwork here in Canada. Keep the faith, and roar like a LION against these lawless deep state health directives!

  3. You Canadians had better get your heads out of your collective asses soon, or else. You enemy is now front and center, so your Aim is for the center of mass. Trudeau and his police have become your enemy and unless you want to go down as a martyr, then arm up and take out the principles who are pushing this idiocy.

  4. I wonder if David Platt will highlight this church’s persecution in “secret church” this year…

  5. It’s really frightening that the Canadien govt is spending so much money and effort on people WANTING to go to church. I know the USSR and Communist China have demonized religion but this is getting scary.

  6. a couple of years ago, 51% of Americans identified as being moderate protestants. The currant media/media barons/pharma/democrat/socialist ruling junta have throttled as much Christian activity as possible. Some, particularly older folks will continue with the shutdown. How says the complete media doesn’t influence personal habits.
    Pray to America’s Christian God

  7. Tim Stepens preached powerfully June 13 in a field. It is spreading the Gospel.
    Pray for Tim and his family and his flock. His actions will maybe light a fire
    and wake up some people to see the light of Christ.

  8. This ‘Johnny’ is just a lame Troll who is rarely ever successful. If no one feeds him he will eventually go away.

  9. Helicopters? multiple police cars? Either rampant governmental insanity, or worse – gestapo is now a Canadian reality.

  10. These are definitely the last days!

    To use a helicopter to locate where people are reading their Bible and worshiping God is incredibly totalitarian and fascist!

    The Canadians have lost their minds!

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